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Nutella Mini Cakes (aka Nutella Brownies)


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Nutella Cream Pie. 1/8-9" pie = 1 serving

From the blog entry the recipe is taken from, which is adapted from a recipe by Brenda Melancon of Gonzales, Louisiana. The blog recipe is adapted by me.

The intro as written on the blog page:

This recipe started with me in the waiting room of my daughtersí dentist reading Family Circle. My eyes happened upon a recipe for Chocolate Hazelnut Pie submitted by Brenda Melancon of Gonzales, Louisiana. Nutella? Oreo Crust? Yes please. I took a photo of the recipe with my phone and went on with my life. Fast forward to now and World Nutella Day.

Just in case you donít know what Nutella is, it is a sweetened chocolate hazelnut spread. Think ultracreamy peanut butter with hazelnuts instead of peanuts and with chocolate and sugar melted in. There are other chocolate hazelnut spreads, but Nutella is the biggest and the best.

I was first introduced to to this sinful concoction by my husband. As a teenager living in Germany, he used to spread Nutella on fresh crusty rolls called Brotchen. That was breakfast. My favorite way to eat Nutella is out of the jar with a spoon (I canít keep it in the house), but this dessert may come in a close second.

I used the original recipe in Family Circle as a jumping off point for my own Nutella Cream Pie. I felt it necessary to double the Nutella because I find that Nutella flavor is diluted when mixed with other ingredients and baked. Second, I added more chocolate so that it would be sufficiently chocolatey. Lastly, I added a little salt and vanilla to amp up the flavors a bit.

The resulting pie was rich, chocolatey, smooth and crunchy. Itís pretty fantastic actually. All hail Nutella!


Vegetable Medley Soup

Add whatever you feel would taste good! Original recipe came from
h-Kale/Detail.aspx but I added a bunch of other veggies to make it more hearty and taste better. No need to puree beans to thicken. Soup is fine without this step.