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Recipes I've Shared:

Gyro nachos

Exactly what it sounds like. Delicious, and can be made lower calorie if need be.

Pinapple Ginger Smoothie

Exactly how it sounds. A lot of calories for a smoothie, but pretty filling and lots of good stuff in it!

Cheesy chicken, rice, black bean, and corn casserole

This is really is a whole meal, no need to add extra sides!

Easy potato soup

Easiest potato soup ever.


This is a casserole that my grandmother and mother have always made. It's cheap, and it looks kind of like pig slop, but I think it's delicious. No hard to find ingredients- I usually have everything on hand. Definitely a comfort food!

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Cheesy ranch rice

My new favorite food, use whatever veggies on hand, and it's so filling!

Best Tuna Salad Ever

at least it is to me. It's a pretty traditional recipe, but with pineapple for fun :)

Blackberry Lime Tartlets

Refreshing and delicious! This recipe is adapted from several others. I also think the same recipe would work well with lemon curd or orange curd with some strawberries or dark chocolate shavings!

Lace cookies

Great cookies, and individually they're not too unhealthy, the problem of course is limiting yourself to one!

Mediterranean Salami Salad

Just a yummy salad with some protein! This would also be good with feta or mozzarella I'm sure. Note: This is NOT a low sodium recipe, although I'm sure there are ways to make it better! The olives, salami, and dressing contain the most sodium, so substituting those might help.

Lemon blueberry pancakes

Umm, best pancakes I've ever eaten in my life. Nuff said. Well worth the calories, plus there's fresh fruit!

Avocado Pasta

The calorie count is high mostly because of the avocado, but this is so delicious it's not even funny! And at least avocados have good fat--I try to use this as an alternative to alfredo sauces.

Salad with strawberries, walnuts, and rice noodles

This is a very refreshing salad, similar to a strawberry/spinach salad but with a few more things. You can vary ingredients, obviously, but I use baby spring mix, strawberries, glazed walnuts (I think it's worth the sugar this time!), dry rice noodles, shredded carrots, and fat free raspberry vinaigrette. Yum!

Beef and veggie stir fry

Just a basic stir fry, nothing fancy! Saute some stuff with olive oil and soy sauce, and that's about it.

Easy chicken and dumplings (crock pot)

These definitely aren't real dumplings, but it's so much easier and honestly I think this recipe is delicious! Using fewer biscuits would certainly make this healthier, and adding more veggies helps too (chopped onions, etc.).

Creamy Cilantro Chicken (with fewer calories/less fat)

This recipe is better, like usual, with full fat ingredients, but I like it so much that it's worth it to adapt so I can have it more often! Chicken with a cream sauce, is also great with pasta since you can use the sauce for both.

Mango and Beet Salad (with lettuce)

I know it sounds weird, but it's delicious!

Grilled chicken Greek salad (with pitas)

This makes a great salad by itself, but I prefer it stuffed in pitas, then eat the leftover stuffing as salad the next day!

Chicken satay/stir fry with peanut sauce

This is a combo of several other recipes I found here (Thanks to Coach Nicole for peanut sauce inspiration) and on other websites, but I think I made it easier. Fewer ingredients that are easier to find.

It's not really satay since it's not on skewers, but it still has the same ingredients. Lots of protein and veggies, the servings are huge, and it's really pretty healthy!

Greek Stuffed Burgers

We made 4 pretty large patties out of this recipe, but it could probably make 6 if they're smaller.

We also did not put any condiments on this and did not eat it on a bun, since that's how stuffed burgers are often served in Greece. So even though the calories sound high, at least you're not adding more calories with condiments and bread!

These have a lot of flavor and I think they're delicious! Also a good way to get veggie-haters to eat some veggies. They're hidden in meat and cheese :)

Chicken and Ham Paella

This is pretty easy and I thought it was delicious! Adapted from several other recipes.