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Recipes I've Shared:

Oatmeal Waffles

Oatmeal waffles, this is not a fast fix recipe. Allow yourself about an hour for prep & cook time.

Cooking time varies on waffle makers.

Hearty Porrige

working on ways to boast the morning oatmeal/breakfast cereal

Cream of Cauliflower “Wheat” Hot Cereal

Website is now gone, recipe updated.

(site gone)Adapted from


Rice Pudding with Fruit

A modified and adapted version of the Raisin Rice Pudding recipe found in The Settlement Cookbook. The original recipe uses milk, butter, and egg.

bean stew with rice

quick, overnight crock pot stew

Simple & Creamy Oatmeal

This is an even simpler version of the crockpot oatmeal. It is so creamy in the morning.

Orange Almond Cake (Vegan & Gluten Free)

This is a very moist cake. It is gluten free & dairy free.

The original recipe called for 6 eggs, and can be found here

Simple Overnight Crock Pot Rice Porridge

Name says it all. Helps with rushed mornings to know that something is already cooked and waiting. Will post pics later.

Simple & Hearty 16 bean soup

This is a fast, for beans, soup and very easy to make.

Dad's Black Bean Soup

This recipe has been handed down via the Mexican branch of the family. It is an Ultimate Slow Food, it takes 3 days minimum to cook, and is well worth the time.

Left Over Black Bean soup

had some beans left over that needed using up. Threw in vegi's on hand.

Plum Jelly

Plum jelly is not at the grocer's, least not around here. This is a classic recipe and not sugar free. Making jelly is not as hard as it seems.
No plum juice not a problem,
BR>(All info in this can also be found in cookbooks and on the web.)

Grandpa's Beet Borscht

Grandpa learned this recipe from his mom. My Great Grandma was the daughter of a Rabbi who moved to CA, to marry my Great Grandpa who was an Irish Catholic. Her father embraced the marriage, while G.G.'s family disowned him.

The recipe takes 2 days two make if you fix it in the evening. One day if you cook and chill the beets in the early morning.

This was always a lovely addition to evening meals in the summer. Grandpa always served his with a big dollop of sour cream to be stirred in as you ate it. (I did not include the sour cream in the nutrition info.)

Cake Bites

These are great for taking to potlucks or any other food sharing event.

The picture is pre-frosted state.

Spice Cookies

I've modified from the original. I split the flour between white & whole wheat.

Notes for next batch: more ww flour, cook for 12 - 13 minutes for a softer cookie, use tsp for spooning = more cookies + fewer cals per cookie

Honey Wheat Rolls

This is about 1/2 the honey wheat bread recipe with olive oil added in

Hearty leftover Lentil stew

This was a quick throw together using available leftovers from the fridge. The 1/2 an onion was the only non leftover tossed in, and some black pepper.

country fried potatoes

great breakfast treat that uses left overs up.

Very Good (1 rating)
Crock Pot: Chicken, potatoe & bacon soup

Easy to make, feeds 8 people or 2 hungry teens. Leftovers did not last long (less than 24 hours), and our fussy eater ate the most of it. No photo, before I could get one it was gone 8) .

Very Good (2 ratings)
Corn tortillas

this is the recipe from the Maseca bag

Hearty Fruit & Nut Overnight Oatmeal

This is a great dish for night before rush mornings, as the crock pot does all the work while you're sleeping. Also great for cold mornings, and the fruit sweetens it as it cooks so no added sugar is ever needed (not to say I won't sometimes add a little maple syrup to the final bowl). (Note this can also be made stove top method, you just don't have the benefit of it cooking while you sleep.)

This dish may be calorie heavy but when you pair it with a little milk (or cream), it will* keep you full until lunch or later. If you want to lighten it drop either the apples or the raisins, or take a smaller serving.

(*on average) (Will post a pic on 7/23)

Barilla stuffed Shells

(Shells and cheese filling only.) Recipe is from the Barilla shells box. we use it with any brand of shells. There is no sauce included in the nutrition or ingredients info, because we add sauce after it has been cooked to accommodate for sons tomato allergy. Sauce info will be included in the instructions.

Strawberry's with Jello

A simple desert
Serves 4

Simple Turkey Pot Pie

This is a quick & simple pot pie, that serves 4. this is a great way to get picky kids to eat their vegetables.

This is inspired by Bisquick's Chicken pot pie. Variations that can be made is to add in a can of cream of mushroom soup, or make it with beef instead of turkey. Any change of recipe will of course change the nutrient info.

Simple Eggplant Tofu

This is a simple & quick version of what panda serves

Simple Pico De Gallo

great on eggs, tacos, burritos, just about anything

Biscuits - 2 % milk

Standard Bisquick biscuits made with 2 % milk, for lower cal/fat version you can do as Myjourneytolose did and use water instead of milk,
il.asp?recipe=480047 .


DH loves these especially when I add extra walnuts.

Creamy Fudge Frosting

This is a cooked frosting, and goes nicely with the family cake.

Family Cake

This is a fast and simple cake that is enjoyed by our family.

2 day split pea

This is a slightly pumped up version of the Basic Split Pea soup. The water is almost doubled for the same amount of peas, and potatoes are added.

Vegtable saute

Quick sauté no added fats.

This is an ultra basic version, other veggie's can be added, spices can also be added. A fun add on to play with.

Good for, taco's, fajitas, burritos, rice, pasta, sandwiches, by itself. Have fun experiment.

Flour Tortillas
Not my recipe, belongs to young lady on video.

Overnight Oatmeal

Makes a very creamy breakfast.

Butter is optional.

Blueberry Muffins

A delicious quick fix in the morning.

Baklava, reduced

This is a reduced sugar and fat version of a traditional recipe I found many years ago in a Greek book. Once I figure out the right proportion of water to sugar for the syrup I plan on reducing the sugar even more. Note labor intensive recipe, and thats with buying made phyllo dough.

People I work with have said that they prefer this recipe to the Baklava that can be bought at the grocery store. I only make this once/twice a year.

Grandma's sugar-free Sweet Potatoes

This is the recipe for the sweet potatoes that my Grandma serves at Thanksgiving and Christmas, this year I got to make it. It is a good prep ahead dish and only takes a little bit to warm up before the meal.
1 13X2 pan can serve 20 people, my guess is ruffly 1/4 cup for the serving size.

No Tomato Ministrone

I also call this in a hurry Ministrone

Basic Split Pea Soup

This is a very basic recipe, that can easily be expanded on. Can be made either on the stove top or in a slow cooker.

Potatoes can be added, along with barley. If adding barley increase the water.

makes 7 1 cup servings

Tomato Lentil Soup

I found it at this site
And modified to yummierness (I know not a real word).

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

The New Settlement Cook Book (C) 1991 SCBC*
Recipe's I use from the Settlement Cook Book. Only ingredients for nutrition purposes. For more details on a recipe please find a copy; library, family, friend, store.
apr01/settle18041601.asp *Copyright 1991 by the Settlement Cook Book Co
family's, or my creations
Found on the Web
title says it all.
Other cookbooks
From food packages
The Family Circle Cale & Cooky Cookbook © 1953
"All rights reserved, including the reproduction in whole or part in any form. Copyright 1953, by Family Circle, Inc. Manufactured in the United States of America" As with Settlement ckbk, I will not be adding anything beyond ingredients & title of dishes cooked. I inherited this book, ?© expired?
Thai Cooking: The Food & the Lifestyle
Purchased my copy from Borders 12/2010 Love Food is an imprint of Parragon Books Ltd Copyright Parragon Books Ltd 2004 ISBN: 978-1-4075-4923-1
Canning Adventures
Rachel Ray 30 minute meals
I've had the cookbook for ages, but it helps to have the nutrition info for the tracker. As with other books I own, all that I add after calculating nutrition is page #, ingredient list, and notes of any changes I make.
Fork & Bean Recipe's I'm enjoying her recipe's so much that if we can scrape up the money I'll be buying her cookbook.
The New Vegetarian Farm Cookbook