Recipes I've Shared:

Orange Poppy Seed Cream dressing

Serve on a salad of mixed lettuce and baby spinach with drained mandarins, grilled chicken, fresh grated parmesagn cheese,and pecans makes a tangy lunch

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Fresh Raspberry Vinaigrette

A nice campliment to any greens but especially good on a salad of baby spinach, toasted pecan halves and crumbled feta cheese.

Turkish Bulger Lentil soup

This is a hearty soup that is best sreved with a slice of pita to scoup up the remains of the bowl. You may choose to substitute vegetable broth for a vegetarian alternative.

Chicken Pot Pie

Hearty dinner for 4 in a 9 inch pie plate or in individual souffle dishes with crust on top

Herbed Pizza Crust

This is a healthy option for a family favorite in our house. Just top with the daily toppings of choice and cheese of course.

Bishop Biscuit mix

A flakey lower cholesterol family favorite side dish recipe. The first five ingredents can be mix and stored in cupboard as a dry mix for several months. Simply use 1cup of dry mix and 1/3 of the wet ingredients to make enough for 1 meal for 4 fresh and hot.

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

East Indian Night Dinner
Yuletide Feast
Home for the holidays and what to serve when celebrating the returning light of the season with loved ones. This full course menu has something for all members of our family and their special dietary needs.