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Recipes I've Shared:

Protein Boosted Applesauce muffins

I substituted 1/4 cup soy protein for part of the flour. Be sure to whisk the dry ingredients since the protein powder has a tendency to turn to concrete.

Honey Whole Wheat Bread

We make our own bread to reduce the sodium. Commercially made bread is rarely less than 8% of your DV. If you make a sandwich with 2 slices of bread, it would be very easy to go over the 2000 mg daily maximum. This lightened version contains only 65mg, which is approximately 3% of your DV.

Classic Clam Chowder

One of my reasons to cook from scratch is to reduce sodium intake. I chose this particular brand of clams because it had no added salt.

Low sodium chili

Several modifications to "Dining on a Dime" recipe.

Reduced sodium Chili

Canned chili from the store has an appalling level of sodium. This recipe was adapted from Dining on a Dime. These ingredients are double that of the original recipe.

Flavor Aid Pie

I found recipes for Kool-Aid pie with Cool Whip, regular milk, evaporated milk, and condensed milk. I could find none using Dream Whip. It came out with a too soft texture for my taste, so I would love to see someone experiment with my basic idea and report back.

Family Favorite Potato Salad

I lightened this up by using the reduced fat mayo. I substituted yogurt for part of the mayo.

Gnocchi and meatball Bake

An adaptation of Diabetic Living recipe, Winter 2012, based on ingredients on hand

Applesauce Bran Muffins

I've been trying to reduce the amount of refined sugar in my diet. So I substituted 1 Tbsp. Splenda and 1 Tbsp. molasses for 3 Tbsp. of sugar called for in the original recipe. I also substituted applesauce for banana.

Upside down pizza

I substituted Italian style ground turkey for sausage, celery for green pepper, and reduced mozzarella from 2 cups to 1-1/3 cups.

Curried Lentil soup

This was adapted from a Family Circle recipe.

Whole Food Apple Pie

I've been trying to adapt my foods so that they will have a lower Glyceminc Index. This is done by reducing sugar and increasing fiber. Honey has a slightly lower GI than granulated sugar. Whole wheat flour and unpeeled apples would also have a lower GI because they take longer to digest.

Morning Moo sells products locally for long-term food storage. I don't know how widely available this product is. Their web address is: This is a neat product in that it can be used just like sugar and so doesn't require the recipe adjustments that regular honey would.

Low Sodium Bear Creek Cheddar Broccoli Soup

Bear Creek Soups are flavorful and convenient, but 960mg of sodium is enough to bring on a heart attack. I used only part of the package and other ingredients to dilute the sodium. I was pleased with the results.

Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins

I adapted these from Dining on a Dime cookbook. I reduced the oil from 1/2 cup and replaced the 1/2 cup of brown sugar with 1/4 cup molasses. I added 1/2 cup home-canned applesauce with minimal sugar added.

Meal in a Frypan

This is one of my mother's recipes. This was a favorite growing up. I updated it by using the textured vegetable protein instead of a pound of ground beef. While we're not vegetarians, we like to use this product whenever possible, because it is low fat and stores at room temperature on a shelf.

Bear Creek Country Kitchen Gumbo Soup, Improved

I just about died when I saw 990 mg sodium per cup of prepared soup. So, I added more water and other ingredients to reduce the sodium to 522.1 mg, still way too high for a single serving of anything.

Smooth Vanilla ice cream

After watching America's Test Kitchen, I substituted corn syrup for granulated sugar in this recipe. I came out soooo smooth.

Low sodium whole wheat bread

When we decided to monitor our sodium intake, I was surprised to learn that our favorite bread was a high source of salt. In fact most breads seem to be fairly high in sodium. So I decided to take control of this issue.

Aunt Amanda's Double Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

One or two of these fits into a diet plan. Watch out, though. They're definitely "more-ish."

Sweet and Sour Coleslaw

I started out to make Chef Meg's recipe and halfway through, changed my mind.

Serviceberry Rhubarb Pie

I found this recipe online. I used my own crust recipe, decreasing the shortening by 1/4 cup and increasing the water by the same amount. I substituted Splenda for part of the sugar. I also cut the pies into 8 pieces rather than 6. This reduced the calories from 468 to 261.

Frappe Mocha

I modified this recipe from Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet Cookbook.

Better Homes and Garden Crepes

I couldn't find any submitted recipes that matched this, so I entered it myself.

Instant gratification banana bread

The basic 1/2 cup cake mix + 1/3 cup water is tried and true. The addition of banana was an experiment. Next time I might add less or cook it more.

Guinness & Beef Pot Pie

We love comforting pot pies, and the addition of stout beer really takes the flavor up a notch in this beef pot pie recipe!

Improved Lehi Roller Mill Whole Grain Heart Healthy Hotcake Mix

We really didn't care for this product out of the box. So, rather than throw it away, we improved it.

Blueberry Flax Muffins

A chef Meg recipe found in All You, winter 2011

Taste Improved Heart Healthy Pancakes

The instructions say to just add water, but we have found the pancakes to somewhat unpalatable. So, I added eggs, oil, and a bit of salt. Much better.

Foolproof Fudge with walnuts

I found the recipe here, but it didn't include walnuts, so I had to calculate it anyway.

Mom's 60 Minute Herb Rolls

I calculated this recipe using rosemary, mostly because I had some on hand. At other times, I've use lots of different herbs. Just go with your favorite. This recipe was also calculated using unsalted butter. Obviously that could affect the sodium content.

Squash Soup with Roasted Vegetables

This is a big favorite at my house. Upon evaluation, I realize that it is a bit high in sodium. I would suggest substituting unsalted butter or vegetable oil, if that is an issue.

Egg Rice Scramble

This seems a little high in calories, but its overall nutritive value is amazing.

Greg's Famous Oatmeal

I'm not fond of plain oatmeal. My dear husband prepares this for me most mornings and it's not too bad.

Greg's Garbanzo & Rice Salad

Now that on some days I do not get a lunch break, I need something I can eat at my desk without heating it up. This is what DH came up with.

Peach Cobbler

For this nutritional profile, I used sugar free gelatin. It's what I had on hand. Most of the time, I'd probably use regular gelatin. I was taking this to a church potluck, so I prepared it in an 11x15 pan. Again, the usual would be a regular 9x13 pan.

Very Good (1 rating)
Black Bean and Roasted Pepper Dip

I wanted to make a pumpkin and bean dip but only had 1/4 cup pumpkin. I'd gotten canned roasted red peppers at the dollar store, so I substituted one pepper for the remainder of the pumpkin.


Years ago, my husband purchased a set of muffin tins that would fit into a toaster oven. This is what I used to get my 12 portions. If using a standard muffin tin, this should make 6 muffins.

Improved Squash Waffles

My nutritional tracker follows folate. It seems like I'm always coming up short. So, I substituted soy flour for part of the regular flour and significantly increased the folate count for this recipe.

vegetarian taco soup

I used Morning Moo's beef and Morning Moo's tomato powder. Booth products are readily available in Utah, where food storage is a popular concept. I do not know if these products are generally available.

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

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