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Recipes I've Shared:

Side Salad September 2013

An easy side salad to serve with your favourite meat in hot weather.

Homemade Pizza 1

Today's version of homemade pizza (11/02/12).

Tomato Lamb Cutlets

We originally meant to serve these cutlets with vegetarian stuffed chard leaves and mashed potato but, come dinner time, none of us were very hungry, so we made up this delicious dish instead.

Summer Cleanse Salad

From the 1Million Kilo Challenge recipes.

Summer Cleanse Salad Dressing

This is the dressing to go with the Summer Cleanse Salad.

Chunky Vegetable Soup May 2011

I don't follow a specific recipe with my soups. I just throw in whatever we have in the fridge.

Curried Sausage

The easiest way to make curried sausage. The curry is an estimate only - I don't usually measure it.

Tandoori Drumsticks

I got this recipe from the $ Ingredients Cookbook. It id DELICIOUS!!! We used our blender to chop the onion, instead of grating it.

Green Bean & Pumkin Curry

This is an adaptation of the Green Chicken Curry from the 4 Ingredients cookbook and it is delicious!

Curried Veg

This is delicious served with rice and makes a filling low calorie meal. Replace the chicken stock with vegetable stock for a vegetarian option.

Tomato Onion Sausage

This is very popular in our home and is relatively low in calories.

Jungle Chook

This is a delicious meal.

Very Good (1 rating)
Leftover Chicken Salad

I had loads of leftover chicken so I decided to make a salad. It is absolutely delicious!

The recipe for the 'Restraunt Grilled Chicken' can be found here:

Easy Satay Chicken

This is the first (and only) recipe my dad taught me how to cook. In fact, it is the ONLY thing I knew how to cook when I first shacked up with hubby. It is still a huge favourite in our house.

McCormick Country Chicken Casserole

The recipe calls for half a cup of frozen peas, but we didn't have any, so we substituted 0.5 cup of silverbeet. Also, we didn't peel the carrots.

Chicken Chow Mein

This was a delicious and filling meal. The recipe calls for shiitake mushrooms, but these are very expensive so I used ordinary large mushrooms. We don't have a wok, so we used an ordinary frypan.

Easy Coconut Slice

This was meant to be a coconut cake, but I accidently used plain flour instead of self-raising, so slice it is.

Chunky Pickled Pork Soup

This soup is very very delicious. We usually do up one batch and it lasts us three meals (we are a family of 6). It is very easy to make and economical.

Poorman's Meal

Got the basic recipe for this from Clara but altered it a little. Here is Clara's version:

Chick Chock

Every Friday, our kids take turns cooking dinner. This week it was my son's turn (5yrs old). He wanted to make something up and be creative, so I let him have his head, expecting to have to feign enjoyment. I was surprised to find that he actually created something quite tasty (if not low cal lol). Here is his dish, which he calls 'Chick Chock'.

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