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Crock Pot Brown Rice Pudding

Based on the original crock pot cookbook from the 50's! This is a high protein breakfast or snack, modestly updated for lower fat (no butter or margarine), higher fiber (brown rice) and lower sugar (Splenda brown sugar blend).This recipe uses whole milk and eggs, but low fat milk would work. Cannot recommend skim or soy, but there are other Spark recipes that do if you prefer baked or stove top versions.

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Stale Bread Pudding with raisins

Thrifty Bread Pudding for breakfast, or for dessert or snack, using day-old whole grain bread, fresh eggs, whole milk, raisins, cinnamon and lots of vanilla extract, sweetened with Splenda brown sugar blend or a sweetener of your choice. Wholesome and affordable.

Waldorf Tuna Salad Sandwich

Water packed chunk light tuna, crisp tart apple, celery, and sugar free pickle relish spiced with curry powder on a 90-calorie whole wheat Thinwich Roll makes a cool lunch on a hot day.

Southwest Tossed Salad

For a quick green salad, frozen southwest veggies with corn, black beans and peppers add zip partnered with a creamy nonfat yogurt based salsa salad dressing , a little lowfat shredded cheddar and baked tortilla chips to make a green salad to accompany BBQ, or your favorite SW casserole. As a main dish salad just add hardboiled egg, or chopped leftover BBQ chicken, but add those calories too, of course.

Asian Salmon Salad

Use salmon baked in a teriyaki marinade (I like Soy Vay brand for the sesame seeds) the night before with planned leftovers for this next day salad which echoes the asian notes in the sesame ginger salad dressing.

French Toast Caribbean

Light coconut milk and a citrus dipping sauce make whole wheat French Toast a little tropical. This recipe is designed for one, but easy to multiply for many. For kids, cut the fried toast in strips and give each a cupcake liner of their own 2 Tbsps. of sauce to dip in. Less waste, more fun! Myself, I use a shot glass to dip in.

Sweet Potatoe & Beef Keema Crock Pot Variation

Several Sparks People recipes and comments inspire this highly seasoned sweet potatoe and ground beef stew which is a meal in a bowl. It can be finished in the Crock Pot for convenience or on the stove top for speed.

100 calorie microwave cinnamon apple slices

Microwave sliced apples seasoned with cinnamon and Splenda Brown Sugar Blend, topped with aerosol whipped cream to make dessert or a snack in minutes.

Coconut Yogurt Banana Sundae

Light Coconut Milk flavors plain nonfat yogurt to make a creamy topping for banana. Make it your own with additional toppings and flavors, but count the additional calories.

Anchovy Tomatoe Pizza on a Hi-Fiber English Muffin

I love anchovies in a Caesar Salad or a Pizza. The little guys are packed full of healthy fish oils, and the kind packed in olive oil add an Italian note to the pizza taste. Here is a high fiber, version of Pizza for One (or two) on a Low calorie-high fiber English Muffin that uses tomatoe paste (concentrated nutrition) as well as fresh tomatoe. Like it really cheesy? Add a slice of reduced fat Swiss or Mozzarella but include those calories on your own. It's the salt that makes this work for me, so if sodium isn't your thing, cut back on the anchovies and the cheese, but then, whatza da point, eh?

Terriyaki Green Beans & Onions

a vegetarian entree served over brown rice, or a side dish to a dinner with meat or chicken.