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Recipes I've Shared:

Smart Minestrone Soup

Minestrone made with the smartest veggies around.

Cheesy Black Bean Chicken Burritos

Trade flour tortillas for a healthy whole wheat wrap and this dish becomes a high-protein delicious meal that satisfies.

Provolone Spinach Omelette

High protein. Great for a post-workout breakfast.

Thai Chicken Curry

A great dish that's easy to make. Carrots, mushrooms and broccoli can be supplemented or interchanged with other veggies. Use curry paste and basil to taste. Makes excellent leftovers, and freezes well. Enjoy!

Green Tea Protein Shake

This is a lighter protein shake that doesn't require banana or yogurt, but still contains more than 15 g of protein and lots of flavor

Banana Berry Protein Shake

A great post-workout snack. This recipe is calculated using soy protein isolate. If you prefer whey, add about 30 more calories.

1 serving = Approximately 2 cups. Makes about 4 overall

Antioxidant Strawberry Cantaloupe Smoothie

Here's a great variation on a classic green-tea smoothie with Greek yogurt for extra protein.

Avocado Cheese Omelet

A delicious, simple high-protein meal. I got hooked while living in a tropical, avocado-rich country, and, while I'm now in a far less exotic clime, it's still a wonderful dish. Served with salad it makes an excellent dinner. Add a slice of warm whole grain bread for a quick, hearty meal.

Summer Vegetable Black Bean Taco/Burrito Filling

I like to prepare burrito or taco fillings like these with whatever vegetables happen to be in season (or on sale) -- in this case tomatoes, bell peppers and summer squash, which can be subbed for eggplant, sweet potato, spinach, kale or any you like.

Avocado Salsa

Great topping for beans and rice

Rustic Black Bean and Feta Enchiladas

This is a modified version of a wonderful recipe from the New York Times' "Recipes for Health" series ... I've reduced the amount of cheese and canola oil so that one serving is comes to fewer than 500 calories. Not exactly 'diet' food, but definitely healthy ... For best results, I recommend cooking up the black beans yourself with a bit of onion and garlic and then letting them sit in the fridge over night. Make a big batch; freeze some, make tortillas with some and use the rest for a scrumptious black bean soup.

Very Good (1 rating)
Rice Cooker Hot Multi Grain Cereal

Caution: While it's possible to make this recipe on the stove, the directions here are for a multi-function rice cooker.

This mixture of rice, millet and steel cut oats produces a creamy combination of slow-burning carbohydrates that aid digestion and start the day well. I make this for myself in a rice cooker and it typically makes about 3 servings that keep for about 3 days.

Finally, if your rice cooker has a timer, I strongly recommend making this the night before you plan to eat. It takes about five minutes to prep and set the timer. Then it's ready to eat as soon as you wake up!

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