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French Toast

Add your choice of bread, and puree of your choice nutrition figured with pumpkin

Incredible! (1 rating)
Cauliflower Fried Rice

Added meat not included in Nutrition. 8- 1 cup servings

Pastry Crust (4 servings)

Double this recipe for top and bottom

Homemade Salsa (.1 is 1 T serving)

Makes 36 pints, with 64- 1 Tablespoon servings. Cal 1.8, Fat .1g, Sodium 17.4 mg, Potassium 11.5, Carb .3. 2304 servings. or 1/10 of nutrition info.

Cinnamon Almonds

like the ones you can get at the games. :)

Wheat rolls

I've modified the recipe for my breadmaker rolls. We love these! I grind the flax and wheat and sometimes whole oats just before I make the bread.

Danae's zuchini brownies

Easy way to sneak some veggies in the kids diet.

Hamburger enchiladas

Nutrition will greatly depend on types of tortillas and salsa used. I make my homemade tortillas and they seem to be a little healthier than many of the store bought mixes and ready made ones.

Mom's tortillas

I grew up on these in so many of my meals. I love them! I used to knead these by hand, and it doesn't take much, but the bosch works well, if you don't over do it.

Linda's homemade bread, using flour

I've entered this recipe using fresh ground wheat, and am amazed at the difference in nutrition. This is lower in 14 nutrients, one by 51% and only slightly higher in 3! This will only show ingredients, but remember fresh ground wheat significantly looses nutritional value within 24 hours of being made.

Linda's Wheat Bread Recipe

This recipe is for fresh homemade bread, from scratch, including grinding your own wheat. I actually use white wheat because it has a flavor my family prefers. Also a bosch mixer is the best for the mixing and kneading.

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