Recipes I've Shared:

Cranberry Shortbread

Modified from recipe published in Good Housekeeping magazine, Dec. 2012 issue, page 183.
Easy to mix; mess-free baking at your convenience.

Jo's Chicken Pot Pie

One dish meal with a side of fresh fruit.
High in sodium at 1,137mg - 1152mg per serving - need to calculate choices for rest of the day accordingly.
High in protein at 34g
Low in carbohydrate at 60g per serving

Tutu's Rice Pudding, 1/2 cup

Passed on from my Swedish immigrant grandmother (except for the substitution of Splenda for sugar!)
Delicious and satisfying ~ good for breakfast, too.

Jo's Chicken Salad, four 1-cup servings

Fast & easy stick-to-the-ribs mix.
Place on bed of Romaine.
Add toast or crackers on the side.

All-Bran Muffin Mix

This batter can be refrigerated for up to 3 or 4 weeks.
A mini-muffin, at 53 calories, is a nutritious bite-sized snack that stops hunger pangs in their tracks. The trick is to stop at one or two. These can be baked in standard muffin tins but the calorie count per muffin sky rockets.

Pumpkin Spice Pie

seasonal temptation

Jo's Chili & Brown Rice

a good field meal ~ expect men to take two servings or more when working hard on a cold day ~ SparkPeople, not so much!

Morning Power Cookies

It won't seem possible all these ingredients will hold together, but they do ... in a satisfiying, comfort-food snack with 168 calories each ... one gets you through a long afternoon.

Iowa Machine Shed Potato Soup

very rich, but eaten in half-cup portion, a special treat

Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is the original toll house chocolate chip cookie recipe from a package of Nestle semi-sweet morsels ~ I made a couple changes to reflect the specific shortening and nuts I use.

Jo's Potato Salad

This is a main dish for lunch accompanied by lots of raw veggie relishes.

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