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Recipes I've Shared:

Fruity bran muffins

Packed with fruit, fiber, and deliciousness. No added sugar, only shredded fruit and honey! Your body will love you for these. My kids gobble these up and request them at snack time.

Claire's chicken enchiladas

My 9 year old's favorite meal.

High protein pancakes

Yummy, low-cal, high protein pancakes. The texture is very fluffy, less floury than your typical pancake. It's kinda like a thick crepe. You'll love it as a low-cal substitute for your favorite breakfast, and you'll love how healthy it is for your body. I reccomend serving with applesauce, or maple-ish syrup (on this website).

Sensational Salmon cabbage salad

Absolutely delish salad! High in protein. Big, fresh flavors. Low in calories but the huge serving size fills you right up. Fresh salsa makes this salad! If I get the time, I'll post my fresh salsa recipe.

Strawberries and cottage cheese

Delicious for a filling breakfast or a snack, anytime. I always thought something as healthy as cottage cheese might be able to be dressed up into something tasty... and this is it. Quick and easy.

Breakfast cookies 2 (lower calorie)

No oil, no sugar breakfast cookies. An extremely healthy breakfast, even if a bit more like cardboard than the original.

Bakers Breakfast Cookies

This recipe is a modified version of the recipe from Trudy Despain's kitchen.

Orange fruity smoothie

Yummy breakfast smoothie with no milk products.

Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

Whole wheat, splenda cookies.

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Claire's recipes
These are recipes I have created myself, or modified versions of existing recipes. I retain all rights to the recipes. I love cooking and food as much as you, but if you print it, please credit the recipe to my name.