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On Hand Ingredient Spaghetti

Just using this to get my calories right. This recipe is made of ingredients I had in the cupboard.

Beetroot Cake

Something different to do with the lovely, schmuley beetroot! It's like carrot cake, but pink!

I added a dollop greek yogurt on top with a little honey, ginger & cinnamon mixed in.


This is a healthier variation of a dish I used to eat a lot as a kid.

No Butter Mashed Potatoes

Easy, quick mashed potato recipe -- these aren't very light and fluffy or creamy. But, they hit the spot.

Easy Onion Gravy

I adapted this recipe from this website -->
I ommited the soy sauce & Bay leaf in these calculations -- and used a stock cube to make stock.

Not sure of the servings -- so, I left it as one individual serving, and you can divide the portions on your tracking in decimal points.

Meatless Meatballs

I got this recipe from a blog --


These are great when you're not really wanting to eat meat, but are a meat eater. Fresh herbs are best in this recipe! I serve them with pasta and a tomato sauce. I bet they'd be great in a sub sandwich or in a pita.

The servings are per meatball. This recipe should yield 3 dozen.

Tomato Sauce

I got this off the internet --

Beet Pancakes

I am going to make this tomorrow, and will post photos. I am combining two recipes I found on the web.



I am interested in replacing the butter with a beetroot purée. Not sure how it will taste.

This recipe makes 8 pancakes using 1/2 a cup of batter per pancake. These are very dense, more like American pancakes rather than thin and light like UK pancakes.

I usually put a teaspoon of honey on top, and serve with fruit or nuts.

Flour Tortillas

This is a version of flour tortillas -- usually, they are made with lard. I have replaced the lard in this recipe with olive oil.

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