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Recipes I've Shared:

Southwestern Eggs Benedict

Southwestern spin on the classic.

Margherita Pasta

Sweet and tangy pasta.

Orange Vinagrette Salad Dressing/Marinade

Fantastic on salad, and great as a marinade.

T's Chicken & Wild Rice Soup

Lots of spices give it flavor instead of salt!

Chicken & Wild Rice Soup

Lots of spices give it flavor instead of salt!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Slimmed Down Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

I revamped a recipe I found online to make it more diet friendly. OMG was it good!

Savory Breakfast Bake

A savory sausage and bacon breakfast bake.

Chicken Enchilada Casserole

I tossed this together, put it in a casserole dish, then cut and froze the individual portions. Makes a GREAT on-the-run dinner. Put the entire plastic ziploc bag of the portions you want on a microwave plate, the bags helps cook it faster. Then I top with fresh pico-de-gallow and YUM-O!

Mock Hamburger Helper Rice Oriental

I LOVED this flavor! It was and always will be my favorite. I found a substitute version on!

Very Good (1 rating)
Low Sodium Onion Soup Mix

I found this recipe on Their nutrition doesn't add up, but this is a huge sodium saver!

Jimmy Buffett's Jamaica Mistaica Wings

Homemade version of his cafe wings. OMG they're good. Next time I'll bake them and save on the oil calories and fat.

Ground Beef & Rice Skillet Stroganoff

I had a taste for beef and rice comfort foods. This came out of the pan! This was great on a cold, snowy Saturday.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Honey Rye-Wheat Sandwich Bread

Rye and Wheat version of my Honey-Wheat Sandwich Bread. Still tasty, but higher in calories, carbs. Although even lower in sodium, so it's a trade off!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Honey Whole-Wheat Sandwich Bread

This is freaking AWESOME! A friend gave me this recipe which he adapted from other recipes. This is designed for a bread machine, but can be baked in oven.

Use without egg for a slightly more dense bread. It's delicious either way! This comes in low fat, low sodium, lower carb and utterly delicious.

Breakfast Skillet Scramble

Low cal, low fat breakfast full of flavor. Change the frozen onions to any frozen vegetable mix for added vegetables. Serve with a side of fruit (not included in nutrition).

T's Chicken Strips Parmesan

Low salt and fat version of this decadent treat.

Enchilada Burgers

I had an enchuilada burger in a local restaurant and it was delish! So I had to try and make a healthier version at home. This isn't the lowest in sodium, but until I find a healthier green chili sauce, it's not too bad!

Kicked Up Breakfast Bowl

Easy and filling breakfast bowl. The red pepper flakes add a nice spicy kick tot he bowl, but of course can be left out for a non-spicy version.

Fast Chicken Stiry Fry

Fast and simply chicken stir fry for those busy nights.

Sweet & Spicy Stir Fry

A bit sweet, and spicy. Could use chicken or pork instead of beef. I serve this over Pad Thai noodles.

Cousin Jo's Spaghetti Sauce

Homemade spaghetti sauce you can control the ingredients in!

Quick & Easy Breakfast Quesadilla

Simple low fat breakfast quesadilla. To reduce the sodium and make this a vegetarian dish, leave out the bacon pieces.

Southwest Viniagrette

Southwestern Spicy Viniagrette Salad Dressing. Could be used as a marinade too. Bit spicy, and oh so good and VERY low in sodium compared to store salad dressings. Mix up with different mustards for other tastes!

Skinnier Pasta Salad

Pasta Salad with less fat than boxed versions. This is a small batch, can be increased for large parties.

Cousin Jo's Bobka Bread

Old family Easter Tradition!

Skinny Meat Lovers Pizza

Low calorie, low fat, low sodium HUGE taste pizza for the meat lovers in all of us.

Rustic Beanless Chili

Spicy chili without the kick of the beans!

Fruit Smoothies

Low Sodium hearty start to the day

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