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Recipes I've Shared:

Stuffed Red Peppers Polish style

My Polish take on stuffed peppers.


Polish 'kraut' dish from Tamara

Southwest Turkey Burger

Delicious served with a slice of tomatoe, avocado and cilantro

Creamy Italian Dressing

A dressing made with yogurt, mayo, vinegar, and half and half. Your choice of seasonings will add the flavor you crave. We like to add Kirkland Tuscan Seasoning.

Mango smoothie-small

The fruit added to this is frozen.

Sprouted Cranberry Walnut Muffins

From the Arrowhead Mills bag but reducing the sugar to .25 cups

Kefta Tagine (FG)

Moroccan dish to serve with couscous and poaced egg or chopped hard boiled egg for garnish (not in calculation)

Onion Flammkuchen

From a German recipe. This is not particularly healthy but is a nice side to a big bowl of lettuce and veggetables.

Homemade waffles

This is a recipe that I tweak as needed and have made it with whole wheat flour. The family likes it this way with 1/3 cup pecans stirred into the batter. Add the pecan calories separately as I don't always put them in.

Wild Rice and Salmon Soup

Made with Wisconsin wild Rice and Alaskan wild salmon. This is an earthy tasty soup that keeps a nice flavor for leftovers too. To save time make the rice earlier in the week and use it left over for the soup. Leftover grilled salmon works nicely here also.


A manicotti made by filling crepes. Very creamy. A serving is two manicotti rolls.

Chicken Tortilla Lasagna

A layered dish using corn tortillas for an authentic taste. Not the prettiest dish I've ever made. Just family satisfying food.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Tofu and walnut/spinach stir fry

This was a mix of what was in my refrigerator on vegetarian night.

Cracked wheat Sourdough Bread

A very hearty sourdough bread.

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Meatless Monday Miracles
Menu created as we try to include more meatless meals in the weeks plan. If there are two evening meals we usually have enough leftovers to have meatless at lunch most of the week.
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