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Light cottage cheese biscuits

Moist and fluffy - great for a quick hot breakfast. Quite satisfying.

Tofu coconut dessert

Coconut goodness - high-ish in good fat but still affordable at less than 200 kcal per serving.

Poutine with cottage cheese

Low(er) fat version of the Quebec specialty.

Princessa - vegetarian

Open face sandwich with tomato, onion, and lots of cheese.

Light guacamole

Yummy guacamole with no-fat yogurt for a protein boost and decreased fat per serving.

Incredible! (3 ratings)

Cold yogurt soup with garlic and cucumbers. Light in calories and very refreshing in the summer.

Grandma's German cheesecake with quark and berries

A recipe from
german-cheesecake.html# (I have completely copied the ingredients, except for the added fruit on top). Very similar to the one my mother-in-law makes, but even lighter. Compared to North American cheesecake, this one has a lighter taste and much, much less fat and calories! Sprinkle with seasonal fruit.

Frozen berry yogurt popsicles

A refreshing, low-fat dessert and a great way to get some fruit servings into the day.

Incredible! (1 rating)

Men's Health Power Breakfast

Great breakfast for two that keeps you full until lunch.

Recipes I've Rated: