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Recipes I've Shared:

Honey Tilapia

When baking in the casserole dish, I add a little Darjeeling tea to infuse the vegetables, but only a little.

Darjeeling Risotto Rice

A great spicy and sweet side dish to go with anything.

Darjeeling Coconut Cooler

Just a thing to do when you're tired of tea.

I Got Nothing Soup

This is a catch all soup base that I use when I'm running really low on things and need a stock to spread a meal.

Saffron Rice Stuffed Tomatoes

This is a great date meal, but I usually just make it for lunches.

Pumpkin Soup

This is a simple dump type of soup that I use with left overs of things when I need to clean out the pantry. Good with any left over meat and you can add any vegetables you want.

French Lentil Soup

This is all dumped together in a crock pot and then fill the rest with water. cook overnight or for several hours.

Sweet Omlett Goodness

Just a great way to use up some left overs.

Mango Madness

Most mango recipes are too sweet for me... the pears and pineapple emphasis makes it more palatable for me.

Reliv the Blackberry

Using a dietary supplement to add to the caloric intake - eat with just a small portion of breakfast. I make one batch in the morning and make three cups for throughout the day.

Cantelope Sunrise

A great way to use up left over fruit salad.

Honeydew Coolness

A great smoothie to make from leftover fruit salads. People rarely seem to eat all of the Honeydew or Cantalopes.

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