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Fish and Grits

So simple, yet so delicious! After you add salt and pepper, dress up your fish and grits with some grated cheese, hot sauce and lemon or lime slices. Delicious, filling and great for a rainy day.

Pickle Salad

A fresh and easy, delicious salad full of flavor with no oil! Would be a great side to any grilled dish. Also great with hummus in a pita. Substitute green peppers for red, sweet pickles for sour or try adding a little celery, corn, peas or cooked beans.

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Quick Okra, Corn and Tomato Stew

After years of being told how yucky okra is and avoiding it, I tried it and discovered that I actually love it! This quick stew combines okra, corn and tomatoes with warm Indian spices. If you've been afraid of okra too, or even if you're an okra lover, try this recipe and see how you like it!!

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