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Recipes I've Shared:

BBQ Rib Sandwich *McRib Swap*

I love the McRib's... but wanted a healthier option while pregnant! This one satisfies, is cheaper & tastes so much fresher! With about half the calories, only 4g of fat and nearly the same amount of protein, you're crazy to not be eating this!

Turkey Burger *Chick Fil A SWAP*

This is a swap to the Chick Fil A Chicken Sandwich... using a turkey burger patty, light mayo & mixed/multi grain burger buns. You save yourself about 1/2 the calories, sodium, fat, sugar and double the fiber!

Stovetop Ziti

I love pasta and hamburger, so when I was running low on ingredients I threw this together. My husband now demands it on a (near) weekly basis!

Summertime Lemon-Limeade

An easy, refreshing lemon-limeade for those hot summer afternoons!

Sweet Strawberry Smoothie

Using the orange protein drink from the silhouette solution diet, I recreate the Strawberry Whirl from Jamba Juice but make it healthier!

BBQ Rib Sandwich

Like the McRib? Hate the McCarories? Try this easy swap with a dash of parmesan cheese & dill pickles. Great for a quick lunch or even at your next cookout!

Painless Personal Pizza

Easy personal pizza that takes under 10 minutes to make & bake!! Great idea for get togethers, parties or just a quick meal when you're feeling lazy!

Breakfast Yogurt Smoothie

Simple 3 ingredient breakfast smoothie. No more saying you have no time!

Very Good (1 rating)
French Fry Baked Veggie Cheese Pie

I made this on a whim one day while being lazy with wanting to cook and not wanting to order take out. This is so easy to make and you can easily toss in other ingredients on your own!

Mediterranean Pizza with Beer Crust

Mediterranean Pizza great for football night or on a chilly evening. Easy to make with typical kitchen ingredients!

Loaded Cheesy Breakfast Potatoes

I made this 'swap' for my fiance who loves the Shari's Loaded Hashbrowns (and loaded in fat & calories too!). I made it this morning and he loved the cheesiness and actually enjoyed it more than Shari's! Feel free to mix in other veggies or use shredded potatoes!

Egg-Free Chocolate Banana Pancakes

Using Oil & Water instead of Egg's gives these pancakes the same fluffiness without the allergic reactions, for those of us with food allergies! The chocolate & bananas make them sweet & gooey without feeling guilty!

I came up with this recipe today because I was all out of eggs and found a vegan swap to use oil/water/baking powder in place of 2 eggs. If you have eggs, you can use 2 instead of the water/oil/baking powder but it may change your calorie info.

My recipe made 18 pancakes, but depending on how many banana's or chocolate chips you use, it may vary! I can never get exactly the same size pancakes!

Be Fruitful - Smoothie

Easy fruit smoothie on a summer morning!

Crunchy Spicy Sweet [Veggies!]

These have two flavors -spicy & sweet - in one crunchy treat!

Salsa Chicken Melt

Easy sandwich to make with left over chicken or on-the-go meals!

Frappa Chin Up! - A Frappuccino Swap!

Don't be sad that Starbucks Frappuccino's are over $3 and it's killing your wallet! Lift your chin for this super easy, delicious summer beverage!

Very Good (1 rating)
Mac & Cheese Potato Pie

Combines my three loves: mac & cheese, potatos & onions for a tasty entree!

Easy Pasta-Free Vegetable Soup

This recipe is the easiest to make when you have no time and just canned vegetables & beef broth or bouillion cubes!! Freezes well too!

to die for chili

great easy chili for chilly days

Choco PB Dream

Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Fruit? No Weigh!

Very Good (65 ratings)
Chocolate Love

Healthy and Simple Chocolate Whip!

Chocolate Peanut Creamy Crunch

Excellent snack for the kids and those on portion control!


Fresh, Healthy dessert even the kids like!

Ground Turkey De-Lite

A Family Turkey Favorite

Stephenie's Dessert Taco

A healthy, simple dessert you'll make over & over again!

Sweetest Meat Loaves

Sweet Tooths will crave MORE!

Very Good (98 ratings)
Low-Sodium Apricot Chicken

Easy, low-sodium recipe for the beginner cook!!

Coconut Onion Rings

Baked - Not Fried!

Easy Apple Pie

A quick, delicious dessert in just 20 minutes!

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