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Recipes I've Shared:

Modified chicken and dumplings

This is an adaptation of my mother's old comfort food recipe. Using less oil and subbing some of the flour with wheat bran helps shave the calories and up the fiber. And in lieu of her full fat gravy, I've opted for a low fat condensed cream of chicken soup. Look for a low sodium variety if you can find it.


Low fat, high fiber blueberry muffins

This low fat, high fiber muffin recipe substitutes applesauce for the oil traditional found in such recipes, and replaces a portion of the flour with wheat bran for extra fiber. To keep the calories down, the sugar has also been swapped for splenda*

These muffins bake up large, light and fluffy, with a slightly coarse texture. The wheat germ dusted on top adds a light nutty flavor, with extra vitamin E and folates to boost.


Sweet potato pancakes

Quick and easy...packing an incredible amount of vitamin A and potassium.

These potato pancakes offer just a little sweetness and are a great side for lean meats at dinner. Or serve as an alternative to hash browns at breakfast.