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Recipes I've Shared:

Paleo Almond Chicken

Friend's comment: Mr. Doesn't-eat-paleo gave it an 8 out 10 so it is a good one to maybe cook paleo converts

Baked Apples with Oatmel Strusel Topping

Full credit for this recipe goes to Frisky from Confession of Crafty Witches group on Facebook

Stuffing-Crunch Chicken

Chicken dipped in egg and rolled in dried stuffing mix - amazing flavor! From Campbell's Kitchen

Pork chop and asparagus pasta

Adapted from Chicken and Asparagus via Campbell's cooking recipe

Cooking Light Cauliflower Soup

Taste-tested this at a local health food market, and was in LOVE! When I tasted this amazing veggie soup I subscribed to Cooking Light, after discovering it was the source.

Blonde Enchiladas

My Aunt's recipe for Blonde Enchiladas

Accidental Tortilla Soup

Started with a crock pot adventure gone wrong, turned into a pretty good tortilla/taco soup

Crusted Italian Tilapia

Surprisingly amazing flavors as tilapia and red sauce come together. GREAT Italian style fish! Even the boyfriend approved and asked for it again.

Sauteed Asparagus and Mushrooms in red wine sauce

Salt can be added or skipped, but this is a great sauteed side. Can be broken down into more servings, but we split this between 2.

Tater tot/shepherds pie

It started as Tater tot casserole but ended as shepherds pie...kind of!

Creamy Vodka Pasta

Adapted from Campbell's Kitchen -- originally 805 calories per serving, now cut down to smaller servings with healthy ingredients!

Creamy Fiesta Chicken

A bit on the creamy side, but can be eaten with a fork.

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Avacado and Egg - Easy breakfast

Recomended to me by a coworker, a breakfast easily thrown together. Bakes while you get ready for work!

South of the Border Stew

Adapted from Campbell's Kitchen, this south of the border stew provides a mild southern chili flavor. Boyfriend approved for a re-make :)

Chocolate Oat Clusters

Chocolate/peanut butter no-bake cookies recipe. Taken from the Love to Bake Sparkteam, shared by Sparker AMCGINNES.

Blueberry Stuffed Cornish Gamehen

Amazing cornish game hens stuffed with blueberries. Not too sweet.

Stuffed Green Bell Peppers

Hearty stuffed peppers that explode with flavor! Serving size set to 1/2 a pepper.

tater tot casserole

found on Campbell's Kitchen and slightly edited -- this recipe is boyfriend approved.

Spinach-Parmesan dip recipe

From Cooking Light, this spinach parmesan dip is amazing on crackers or as a spread on a sandwich.

Vanilla Ice cream, home made bag-style

This is guilt-free sweet treat idea for ice cream lovers!

the instructions include a 5-minute shake, so it's like a mini work out! Turn on some music and play with it!

Great one for kids too. The milk can be swapped for chocolate, just be sure to equate for the calorie adjustment.

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