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Pumpkin seeds milk (vegan, raw)

Let pumpkin seeds in water for 12h, then blend it all until smooth. Add vanilla for flavour.

Lentils pâté (liver pâté substitute - vegan)

Tastes just like liver pâté, only it's vegan and it has a lot less calories. You can serve it as a dip (goes great with red peppers and cucumbers) or as a spread, on crackers or bread. Nobody will guess it's not liver pâté, anyway! Unless you tell them.

Cashew "Parmesan"

A lot like the dairy Parmesan (only it won't melt when heated), the Cashew "Parmesan" can be used with pasta, on bread with butter spread, as seasoning for salads and what not.

Better use RAW cashew nuts, they bring a certain flavor that's closer to the dairy Parmesan.

Lowwww Fat Fishroe with Semolina

Fishroe with Semolina - tastes so great, for just one tablespoon of oil!

Cornflake Drumsticks with yogurt

A nice way to pretend that you breaded the chicken. Half the calories, same taste and crunchiness. Works well with chicken wings and breast, too!

Take skin off for even fewer calories!

Vegan "Meat" with soy and oats

Great meat substitute. So great, that my husband mistook it for chicken!

Vegan stuffed bell peppers

Great recipe that totally replaces ground meat with a vegetal mixture.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Apple pie

Yummy apple pie. Almost no fat.

Rice & Veggies & Soy (Vegan)

A great way of having rice, veggies and some protein, all in one delicious meal!

Spinach cream soup with egg noodles

Plain spinach and egg noodles soup.

Onion Soup with Tofu (vegan)

Great makeover of french onion soup, hearty and tasty, best with smoked tofu. Lacto-Vegetarians can use butter instead of olive oil, just for extra savor.

Low-calorie Brownie-like Cake

A great low-calorie alternative to brownies - you can also use the batter for muffins, for fruit cakes or for birthday cakes. Very easy to make and very tasty though.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Turnips (Kohlrabi) soup

Incredibly low in calories, this soup is a gourmet delight. Serve hot for best taste.

Eggplant Salad with Mayo

A great spread, low in calories, great in taste. You'll never want to eat eggplant in any other way! You can also eat it as stuffing for tomatoes and eggs.

Baked Cabbage

Baked Cabbage - yum and simple.

Creamy Potato Soup (Vegan)

A creamy low-fat fast tasty vegan potato soup. As simple as that.

Summer Tomato Soup with Eggs

It's a delicious creamy treat for summer days, tastes great when cold but it is lovely when it's hot, too.

Hazelnut & Raisins Rye Muffins

Hazelnut & Raisins Rye Muffins - a lovely breakfast favorite for all the family. My makeover of the Chocolate Chip Muffins here on SparkPeople :)

Bors de pui (Chicken Sour Soup)

Romanian Sour Soup - delicious, if you can find the secret ingredients: lovage and bors. It's yummy without them, too, if you replace bors with 2 Tbsp vinegar.

Potato Salad

Well, this tastes better with 4 tablespoons of oil and some black olives, but... this is the low calorie version.

Buckwheat Rye Homemade Bread

Great recipe for the bread machine, but it can be done manually if you take the time.

Chicken Livers Casserole

Great appetizer, wonderful addition to any family dinner, this dish looks fabulous and tastes great! Serve with a salad, baked potato or with yogurt / tomato sauces.

Green Beans and Garlic Salad

Great salad, few calories, tastes good with yogurt. Don't eat before a date!

Whiskey Cream Cocktail

Great stuff to enjoy a party with 150 calories / serving. Delicious, perfect!

Whole Wheat Carbonara Mushroom Spaghetti

Delicious and filling vegetarian dish, only 200 calories / serving. The sauce needs a little care when making.

Yogurt and Jam Cake

300 calories a serving... but so worth it!

Summer Raw Veggies Salad

Just a salad. Ideal as a side for just about anything. You can add yogurt as a dressing, to replace the olive oil and you can enrich it with feta, but caution, that adds extra calories!

Summer Vegetables Stew

Look in the fridge and see what veggies are in there. Cut, chop, stew, yum!

Guilt-free Cocoa Pudding

Okay, here's my sweet tooth quencher recipe :) It's "weight loss cocoa pudding", low carb but very nutritious.

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