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Recipes I've Shared:

Pumpkin Coconut bites

No bake pumpkin energy balls . Easy to prepare and can keep in the freezer ! No sugar added ...

Beet Kale and quinoa salad with tahini lemon dressing

Roasted beets tossed with white quinoa and chopped kale. Served with a tahini lemon homemade salad dressing. This salad is gluten free and dairy free.

Zucchini meatloaf (Chicken - GF)

Lean and gluten free meatloaf- no red meat . Easy way to have extra veggies too - and use up the fresh zucchini from the garden!

Green Tomato veggie soup

Easy way to use green tomatoes (not fried)

Green Tomato curry

With red lentils and squash - easy vegan dinner

Cucumber radish salad

Just fresh and light- perfect for summer bbq

Leftover lamb curry with apple

Leftover lamb curry with apples is great way to have a quick dinner. You can use this as the base for your recipe- adding cauliflower if desire and serving it on rice (not in calculations) For the tomato sauce - you can make your own or use your favourite. I used the Ragu for quick calculations.

Radish greens dhal

Vegan dinner for 2 - spicy and using the radish leaves for additional boost of nutrients

Tapioca coconut mango pudding

Gluten free and dairy free - light desert.

Cauliflower cornmeal pizza crust

Gluten free version of a thin crust pizza. Toppings not included...

Radish greens and potato soup

Don’t throw radish greens ... it’s full of nutrients and it makes a nice creamy green soup. This version is gluten free and dairy free .

Curry Sausage gumbo

Casserole with curry sausage, okra, tomato and corn

Quinoa cauliflower sauté

Faux couscous with quinoa. Used homemade sundried tomato pesto.

Tuna crab cake with avocado

GF tuna crab cake with avocado. Your option to bake in the oven on a roasting pan or to fry it in a skillet. Oil not in calculations

Chickpea meatless loaf

Gluten free and dairy free. For a vegan option substitute the egg for flax meal

Dark chocolate nutty squares

Gluten free no baked dark chocolate energy squares...

Fried rice with shrimps

Recipe from all recipes Quebec

Leek bacon and Apple stuffing

Gluten free - paleo stuffing - ideal for turkey or pork loin stuffing

Lamb Masala with veggies

Easy to put together - better the next day !

Berry creamy pie

Gluten free and dairy free

Gluten free pumpkin pie

Sweetened with banana and dried fruit (date and plums). It takes some time to prepare and you need to allow 8 hours to cool... but it is a large pie

Gluten free fig cookies

Gluten free version of my grandma cookies

Tahini cookies

Easy no peanut butter cookies . When you need extra energy!

Apple Strawberry crumble GF

Gluten free crumble basic ... fruit could change ;) No dairy and no sugar added.

Paleo Cranberry skillet cake

Easy cake oven baked in a skillet

Cabbage roll casserole

Easy put together comfort food for lazy days... you can substitute the ground beef for ground extra lean turkey for a “lighter” version

Quinoa noodles with pumpkin sauce

Quinoa pasta are gluten free. This dish is also vegan ... veggies and sauce made from fresh produce

Pumpkin hummus

Easy pumpkin hummus . Full recipe makes 2 cups (32 servings of 1 tbsp)

Zucchini banana bread

Gluten and dairy free zucchini bread. Calculation is with almond flour but original recipe was calling for coconut flour

Very Good (3 ratings)
Chicken and Broccoli stir fry

Quick and lean ... ready in minutes

Lamb Tamarind Tagine

Quick meal for crockpot. With sweet potatoes, chickpeas and black olives.

Fig and balsamic sauce

Freshly cut herbs and tomato... add figs and vinegar ... et voila . Nice on meat or salad

Beet quinoa salad with orange citrus vinaigrette

Beets and quinoa are the basic of this cold salad. It is better prepared in advance and serve after chilling.

Stuffed peppers with Salmon & zucchini

Food processor and in the oven for 40 minutes. Quick easy week night dinner!

Quick Quinoa Veggies in a Pan

Just roast veggies and add the ingredients to a large saucepan- cover ... Et voilà!

Cabbage and white beans soup

Easy vegetable soup with a kick (hot sauce!)

Food processor waffles (gluten and dairy free)

Easy fluffy waffles. Mixed in food processor. For desert or breakfast!

Zucchini Meatloaf (gluten free)

I use GF oatmeal for this recipe ... Easy way to use zucchini when you have too much in season!

Madras Vegetable Potage

A Potage is a vegetable soup like a cream but it as no dairy :) For quick calculations- I used the Patak Sauce Madras - I like my homemade madras recipe too... Then I know all the ingredients- Paleo friendly!

Lamb madras for crockpot

Spicy lamb cubes with root vegetables and Patak Madras sauce

Balsamic roasted beets, quinoa and blueberry salad

Summer fresh mix - add herbs (I love fresh cut sage or mint)

Kale Waldorf Salad

Mix of Kale with iceberg - just because my family is not a fan of the kale...;)

Madras Veggies

This is a Faux couscous/rice (cauliflower) stir fry with Madras sauce for a nice kick side dish.

Mocha Quia Banana Morning jar

Breakfast to go in a jar.

Chicken Buritos

Left over chicken turn into a Mexican fiesta!


Beet-Cabbage and other veggies soup

Cucumber Salad (with fresh mint)

Nice and very light summer salad - good as a side dish. The watermelon rind is always tossed away, great way to use it and get some cool freshness

Very Good (2 ratings)
Eggplant and Zucchini - Saute with curry!

Just fresh ingredients* - nice in the summer as it is from the garden...
* Except for 1 tbsp. of tomato paste (optional!)

Coconut Rice Pudding (with Dried Apricots)

Dairy and Gluten Free... Dried apricots can be replaced with your dried fruit of choice... The tea replace the spices and the coconut milk is naturally sweet!

Maque-Chou (Creamy Corn side dish)

Corn and cabbage side dish. Nice with ham or grilled fish filet (trout or tilapia)

Cauliflower "Couscous" Salad

Like a couscous salad without the couscous. Just a good way to get more vegetables into your diet or to make great use of cauliflower!

Skillet Cornbread - Sundried Tomatoes

This version is my tomato version of skillet cornbread.

Gnocchis and Sausages in Curry Sauce

This meal is a quick fix dinner from leftover (sausages and pasta sauce)!

Balsamic Quinoa Salad

Nice Summer/ Fall salad with fresh strawberries, feta cheese and basil...

Beef and broccoli

From leftover to a quick easy week dinner!

Eggplant and Mixed Veggie Curry

Roasted veggies (bean sprout, onion, green pepper) and eggplant with a touch of curry

Asian Cucumber Salad

Bean sprout, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, lime juice, plus the little touch...

Guacamole - Pineapple twist

A sweet twist with a kick to your traditional guacamole!

Egg and Sausages Polenta

Inspired from "The Champions Cookbook - Runner's World"...

Radish and Celery Salad (with Malt and Dill Vinaigrette)

Just fresh! Mix in with iceberg lettuce...

Hummingbird Lemon Cake

Perfect for an afternoon tea ... or a light desert ...
Inspired from Hungry Girl Recipe ... no frosting!

Chicken and Black Beans Casserole with Mole Sauce

Left over poultry dish with a Mexican twist !

Chicken and Black Beans Enchiladas with Mole Sauce

This was my special meal for Cinco de Mayo...

Figs and PB Balls

14 large balls (70gr) or 28 small!

Ham and Tomato Loaf

Turn the left over ham into a different dinner! Just mix all ingredients in food processor, bake for 35 min and enjoy.

Ham and Pineapple Hot Sandwich

Like a stir-fry on a thin bun covered with a sweet sauce!

Beet Summer Salad

Beet salad with cantaloupe and strawberries, on spinach bed and balsamic vinaigrette

Spinach Avocado Warm Salad

Just toss in a pan to warm up diced ingredients ... et voila! One of my favorite weekend lunches!

Hot & Sweet Pepper Pumpkin Puree

This puree is hot and sweet - one tbsp on a burger or with grilled fish. The key ingredient is the chipotal pepper - because it has a smokey flavor, it gives this puree a nice finish...

Rainbow apple and bacon stuffing

Rainbow salad (Mann's) with apple and bacon... I prepare it and use it with pork tenderloins (not in calculation).

Scones - Apple and Peach greek yogurt

Whip up a batch of these scones on a busy week night and wrap the leftovers individually in plastic wrap for breakfast on the go.
No egg - and greek yogurt : more proteins and very low on fat!

Tortillas - Poultry & Pico de Gallo (no onion)

Tortillas, chicken or turkey breast and Pico de Gallo without the onion and light cheese - voila!

Pineapple Pepper Salsa

Pineapple and roasted peppers - hot and sweet!
Nice with chicken or fish...

Peach & Pumpkin Cake

With a little help from Betty Crocker - but it is a big :0) in my house!

Yojo Berry Pie

Graham crust pie, greek yojo + strawberries and dessert topping/ berries... Simple but yummi!

Beet Mango Feta Salad

Loaded with fresh colourful ingredients... Cooking time includes boiling the beets!

Festive Panetonne Bread Pudding

This bread pudding is easy to make and nice to have for dessert or brunch... Make 6 large servings - or 12 small!
Eggnog - peach and jam are the secret ingredients!

Very Good (1 rating)
Sweet Potato Chili (for crockpot/ slow cooker)

Just dice sweet potato, pumkin and mix with the remaining ingredients... Slow cooker will do the rest (pretty much)!

Quinoa Pomegranate and Orange Salad

A great side dish with fish! I use Red Quinoa for this recipe. Also great for breakfast!
Prep time includes cooling after the cooking...

Alphabet Veggie Soup

Don't trow away the broth - make a soup for the next day!

Chicken crockpot with squash and pineapple

Serve on bed of rice or egg noodles (as in picture - not in calculation)

Salmon Cake

My creation!

Tofu Shanghai Bok on Bean Sprouts stir fry bed

With bean sprout, shanghai bok, carrot and celery... tofu for protein! Fresh ginger, soya sauce and lemon juice for flavor!

Shanghai Pumpkin Salad

This is a nice side dish -fresh!

Apple Pumpkin Carrot Cake (with caramel sauce)

Variation from a cake mix... nice when you don't have time to bake!

Fish and Veggies Soup

Light meal or excellent lunch!

Pumpkin Balls

This is a fun appetizer - fantastic with soup, cheese and crackers!

Stuffed pepper (turkey & curry 7 grains medley)

A nice way to turn Thanksgiving turkey leftover into a light curry!

Skillet Cornbread

This is a sweet paleo skillet cornbread, To jazz it with herbs and Spice it up your way... use natural almond milk instead and add Itialian spices, jalapinos ... even sun dried tomato pesto

Cranberry- Orange Sauce (by JULIABELANGER)

Inspired recipe from Cooking Light. Good for traditional Thanksgiving dinner and excellent as a letover to garnish a golden tea-time cake

Tuna melt and bechamel

Serve over bread - not in calculation...

Asian Peanut Broccoli StirFry - Basic

Broccoli slaw and veggies turned into a quick weekday meal! As shown in picture, I add pork (not in calculation)... also good with shrimp, beef or tufu!

Bread pudding (Rye and Blueberries)

My nice way of putting together a desert in no time and making good use of old bread! Or I take some to work for my breakfast!

Eggplant Curry Thin Crust Pizza

This is a quick and delicious meal with an "indian" twist that delivers the sweetness of soft eggplant with a kick of curry.

Blueberry Square Pie

Like a Date Square without crumble top and the filling is blueberries... Very easy to prepare! 133 cal per square!
Calculation is for 6 squares (Aprox 2"X2")

Crumble (blueberries peach and apple

serve warm or cold (desert or as a breakfast leftover!)

Turkey & Bean Sprouts Stir Fry

Inspired from my step father's recipe! You can also replace the turkey with chicken (leftover) or tofu.

Spring Rolls - Vermicelli Veggies and Beef

This version is made with rice vermicelli, fresh veggies, carrot slaw leftover and beef lunchmeat...

Carrot Slaw (with tomatoes-pesto and thai sauce)

I like this version of a carrot slaw - as a side dish and I use the left over for my spring roll (fresh) the next day!

Spring Rolls - veggies mango shrimp

This version is made with fresh veggies, mango , carrot or rainbow slaw and shrimp

Pumpkin Broccoli Curry Souffle

Nice side dish or light lunch!

Spicy Rice and meatballs

Just putting ingredients together! Not quite a rice - not quite a soup...

Rhubarb Crumble

Recipe inspired from Taste &Travel International Jan-March 2012 magazine, p.60.

Peanut Butter and Jam Granola Bars

Simple ingredients! My personal version of a recipe found on

Beet Spinach Salad and Poppy Seed Vinaigrette

The salad dressing is Kraft Poopy Seed (light)... for calculation... but I also make my own!

Pumpkin & Cheddar Souffle

Light side dish... also very good the next morning on half of a bagel as an open face breakfast sandwich!

Spring Rolls - Fresh!

This version is made with fresh veggies and leftovers - and steak... Would be delicious as vegetarian dish too!

Beef and Moroccan Veggies Quesadillas

Moroccan left-over turn into a Mexican meal! Make this recipe a vegeterian meal : substitute beef with tofu!

Beet & Blueberries Salad

Change your mind about beets, Inspired from "Taste of Nova Scotia" 2100 Culinary Adventure Guide - Chef Earlene Busch.

Pineapple Chicken Casserole

Recipe inspired from Kraft Shake'n Bake... Easy to prepare!

Crab Cakes with Spicy aioli

As demonstrated by Chef Adam Koppany (Gananoque Inn) during a cooking class in Kingston!

Broccoli Cranberry Slaw

This salad is a great side dish!

Maple Bagatelle with Strawberry Couli

This desert is very easy to do ...

Chocolate Melts Banana Frozen Cookies

I make this frozen banana cookie with or without the chocolate chips - this version is my fav threat ... for a bit more than 200 cal!

Avocado Mango Tomatoes Salad

This salad is very easy to prep and so fresh! I serve it as a meal on spinach... Excellent as a side dish too!

Maroccan Carrot Pineapple Salad

This recipe is an adaptation of Chef Allen Susser's Recipe. For origninal see:
No cooking time but refrigerate one hour for better result!

Zesty Carrot Cranberry Salad

Cranberry and orange are the special touch in this easy recipe!

Peach Salsa

Try this hot spicy fruity salsa on toast and cheese! From Bernardin, Guide to Home Preserving p.61

Cajun Watermelon Relish

Freom "you can can" recipe book. p.116. A spicy relish!

Tomato-Squash Wild Rice Soup

Using the broth from Slowcooker and veggies left over (Yams-Squash), you can make a delicous soup for lunch the next day! Serve 8 cups

Jalapeno Jelly

Make 6 jars of 250 ml. Calculated portion of 1/2 tablespoon. I use a mix of little red hot peppers and jalapeno green pepper for this recipe. Sweet and spicy hot!

Blueberry-Lemon Bars

Substitue blueberries for cranberries!

Salmon Loaf

Serve warm or cold. Very easy to prepare... Leftovers make excellent lunches!

Green-Red-Yellow summer salad

Corn pepper and cherry tomatoes - summer salad .

Frozen creamy fruit sandwich

Like ice cream cookie sandwich but no ice cream - mostly fruit! You can make this recipe lighter if you use Light Graham Crackers... I use Regular.

Corn-Clam & Bacon Showder

Dairy free and gluten free version of my showder

Cranberry French Toast

This bread makes all the difference! It is a nice recipe for Sunday morning brunch. Serve it with fresh fuit (banana and berries) and maple syrup!

Penne Sausage & Sun Dried tomatoes

Great warm or cold as a salad... I use left over sausage ...

Gnocchi - Vienna Style

I also add sausage or Extra lean ham from time to time - as shown in my picture. (not in calculation) To make it colourful, add a chopped red pepper (bell - chopped!)

Fritata Ham and veggies

Excellent warm or cold. For a light dinner with a salad on the side or as breakfast on rye bread for a western sandwich...

Very Good (4 ratings)
Pumpkin & Cranberries Cake (fresh!)

A healthy snack (only 1.7 g of fat and 139 cal) with only fresh ingredients. Fresh pumpkin puree and cranberries.

Eggplant & Pepper Dip

Good warm or cold! It is veggilicious... If you use low fat cream cheese... I use regular for the calculation!

Berry Frozen Mousse Pie

You can replace the berries with any frozen fruit. Light and refreshing during summer!

Chili (Jeff Recipe)

This is an easy chilli recipe... I used canned tomatoes for calculation but in season, I cut fresh tomatoes from the garden. To minimize the salt, rince the beans.

Tapioca & jelly

Good warm or cold...

Curry Liver

A quick stir fry or great for slow cooker too!

Fish Soup

The lemon basil, lime and the hot sauce give this soup all its flavor... you can also add lemon grass and coconut milk (not in calculation) ...