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My Protein Snack

I was looking for something that wasn't power bars, smoothies, nuts, or an actual meal for a healthy, protein packed, tasty snack.
This is simple, but it paired well with lettuce. I'm excited about the possibilities.
Cooking time is shorter if you get the ingredients already prepared. Cooking time includes the time used to cook the beans.

White Chicken Chile

I don't know where my friend got this recipe, but she shared it with me and it is amazing.
You can cook this anywhere from 1-5 hours.

Mexican Chicken Pasta

I bought Philadelphia Cooking Creme: Santa Fe Blend on a recommendation from a friend. I found that all the recipes that come with it involve tortillas, and I wanted a pasta dish. I had limited items in my pantry, so I used what I had and made a tasty dinner. This has a LOT of possibilities. I'm going to use some Ro-Tel tomatoes next time, possibly throw in more peppers. What I have here is a good base, but your imagination can take you a lot of places with this. Hope you enjoy!

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Dinners with Ingredients I Likely Have
Sometimes you have ingredients but don't know what to do with them. I often search based on what I have. Here are some of my findings...