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Indoor Steaks

Pan seared Steaks.

Stew -- Wait, Hold the potatoes!!!

I was in the best stew place in Indianapolis ordering last night, and they gave me one of the most interesting notions. When I ordered two orders to go, I watched her walk back behind the area in the kitchen, pick up two containers, then pick up a potato and slice it into each container, then ladle the stew over the top of the potato!

I said, "Hey, is it possible to order your stew without the potato?"

She said, "Sure! We don't cook the potatoes in the stew, because they would cook out all the spices and would rob the stew of most of its flavor. We cook them whole in a seasoned water on the side, and then drain them and cut them up right before we add the stew on the top. That way it all works, and the stew is still full bodied."

It was a revelation!

The next time I am going to make stew, I am going to cook any potatoes on the side and then add them to everyone else's bowl right there at the end.

Thought I would pass along the thought, that way you get stew, without carbs, and (s)he gets stew with potatoes like a growing girl/boy wants!

It could make it easier to make a stew for the non-low carb folks in your life!

Thanks for letting me chew your ear about stew.


Cream of Mushroom Soup

A Delicious Cream of Mushroom Soup

Incredible! (1 rating)
Alfredo Sauce Demystified

Our sauce today: Alfredo sauce! Yes, this classic from Fettuccini Alfredo works for a wide variety of different applications. Chicken of all varieties, fish, veggies, etc. A pork chop smothered in this is pretty darned good. The recipe is pretty darned easy. Please for the love of all that is Holy, buy yourself a wedge of Parmegiano Regiano cheese, grate it yourself, and stay AWAY from the green can. You will thank you.

Very Good (1 rating)
Beurre Blanc

A rich tangy butter sauce that requires minimal effort for maximal results.

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Low Carb Tries
Chef Daddy T's Cookbook
Welcome to my cookbook. This cookbook is for low carb recipes which are big flavor for small investments in time or energy. I want big bang for your buck. Now, many of these recipes can be used no matter the eating lifestyle that you engage in. Vegangelicals Need not apply.