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Tuscan Vegetable Bake-Low Fat

This would be great for a family meal or a church dinner. Great flavor and could be topped with bread crumbs if you want to add a little more fat grams per serving.

Chicken Chili-Low Fat

I love chili but on the low fat diet hamburger is so hard to work in and staay within my fat grams per day. I changed that out to chicken and added carrot and celery I usually don't put in chili to give it more flavor.I also exchanged kidney beans for black beans which helped as well. Enjoy!!

Low Fat Rueben Makeover

I absolutely love Ruben Sandwiches but corned beef is out of the question with one slice having 69 grams of fat on a low fat diet. I decided to change out turkey for the corned beef, used low fat thousand island and low fat swiss and I have one that is great and that workes for my low fat lifestyle.

Low Fat Crock Posole

I love soups and stews so i decided to convert this recipe to a low fat version. Very tasty and great fro a light lunch with a sandwich.

Crock Pot Low Fat Chicken Chili

This crock pot recipe makes a small amount of chili but you can double or triple depending on your needs. Great for Lunch.

Chicken Wraps-Buffalo style

I wanted to design a wrap that fit my low fat diet. I feel that this one may be great for all of you. It would even have a small amount of calories to use as a snack if you wish. Enjoy!!

Scalloped Corn

Need a great side for a family dinner? I love this recipe since it adds some kick with the chile peppers to plain corn casserole. Try this I think you will be happy with the low fat substitute.

Chruch Social Four Cheese Pasta Florentine

I was going to a church dinner and wanted somthing different for a side to take. I changed out all the high fat items for no fat and ended up with a 1.9 gram serving of fat instead of 28 grams of fat. I hope each of you enjoy my changes. It was great.

Apple Banana Bread

I needed to use some banana's one night before they went bad. I had this recipe and changed out the high fat for low fat ingredients and this was really good. 190 calories and only 1 gram of fat per serving

Karen's Low Fat Brownies

I love the "NO PUDGE" Brownies boxed mix. One day I was uable to get to the store for the mix so I altered a recipe for regular brownies to a low fat version. Try these and enjoy.

Daughter Maggie's Chicken Pot Pie

This is fast and really good.

Low Fat Black Bean and Squash Enchalidas

I love Mexican food but on aa low fat diet this is almost a no-no so this is my converted version. Enjoy!

Low Fat Zucchini Bread

I love zucchini bread in the summer and here is my low fat version for you to try. Great take along breakfast.

Karen's Fat Free Tomato Salad

I had tomatoes this summer going to waste so I made up this wonderful fat free side that gives a lot of flavor and is a great addition to any summer entree.

Apple Pie Pan Cakes

This is a great weekend breakfast or for low fat dieters a way to have apple pie for dessert with only 7 grams of fat versus regular apple pie with 15 grams of fat per slice.

Pineapple Buttermilk Congealed Salad (low fat)

I love congealed salads! This is a light great dessert or side dish if you are watching your calories and fat grams. I actually make with regular gelatin any flavor and used crushed pineapple in it's own juice with fat free whipped cream so the calories shown are really less. You can add fat free cottage cheese for a different twist as part of the buttermilk. Great flavor as well.

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Karen's Califlower Potato Salad

Substitute Califlower for the pototoes, eggs whites for the hard boiled eggs and fat free yogurt for the mayonnaise makes this dish low fat friendly. Great for a picnic!

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