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Recipes I've Shared:

Compromise Pumpkin Cheesecake

Inadvertently made "Stolen Pumpkin Cheesecake" fatter, i.e. two vs. one package 1/3 fat cream cheese. It's still relatively low in calories and still crustless. Thanks to Leprechauns et al.

Sue's Chicken Veggie Barley Soup

This is the cook's secretary's version; some art may be lost. It's basic, cold-busting, heart warming, homey, health food.

Sue's Lite Lemon Turkey Burgers

Sometimes Sue has moistened these w/ chicken broth, but we prefer the taste with lemon juice. The garlic is optional. If left out, leave out the canola oil.

New England Patriots Smoothie

Gotta love homey goodness a la Maine berries and Vermont dairy. The banana probably was imported. The wife and I based this on a strawberry/kiwi recipe that came with the Cuisinart stick blender. We added more sweetener for the tarter berries: blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Batch was about 18 ounces. Enjoy in good health.

Mumbai Chicken

We like this as an evening meal but find the serving size is small, 1/2 cup. However, if you save a large part of your daily protein for the evening, you may be able to increase the serving size without unbalancing your day. Consider 1/2 cup as 2 Lean Meat Exchanges (+ 1/2 starch exchange)

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

So Right & So Good
A recent article from SparkPeople says overweight Americans need to learn to love food. That's right! My household (maybe yours) needs to get it together and really enjoy food thoroughly and mindfully. Gratitude's the attitude.
Maine Man Cookin'
I'm Irish American; my wife is Franco American. Our ethnicity has limited impact on our dining preferences. In our age, we have the whole world's favorite recipes to choose from. Everyone should have that. Variety, mindful enjoyment, and health are our intentions. We like spices.