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Vegetable Fried Rice

This fried rice is mostly veggies with lots of protein and fiber. The sodium can be reduced easily by substituting low sodium soy sauce. I serve this with baked salmon.

New Mexico Green Layered Enchiladas

My take on New Mexico style green chile enchiladas. These are definitely not an everyday food, but are still packed with protein and fiber thanks to the chicken, brown rice, and beans; fire roasted green chiles, lime and cilantro add a ton of flavor. We sometimes serve this with extra cilantro, chopped raw onions, and a spoonful of greek yogurt.

If the measurements seem a bit weird, it's because I make a double batch - two 8x8 or 9x9 pans. This recipe makes one pan, or four large servings.

You will need a slow cooker or a dutch oven to cook the chicken.

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