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Karrie's Asian Noodle Dish

I can't make Stir Fried Rice to Life my Life. (Well, Okay, I hate making Rice. It's always Too Sticky, Too Gooey, Too BLUCK) Well, anyways, I came up with the Idea of if I can't make Stir Fried Rice, I'd make my own variation of it.

Karrie's Home Made Cloe Slaw 1 Cup ='s 1 Serving

I was craving Cloe Slaw & didn't Want or Need the Extra Calories in Store Bought Slaw. So I bought up all the Fresh Ingreidents & made my Slaw. :-)

By the way 1 Cup ='s 1 Serving

Karrie's Throw Together Meal 1 (1 Cup Servings)

I have A Lot of different types of "Throw Togethers" & call it food ideas. This recipe is just 1 of them.

I ussually come up with these ideas toward the end of the Month, When food supplies are low or I don't feel like Cooking but, someone has to make the Meal or the family starves. ;-)

* This Recipe (Like all my Recipes) are enough to feed an Army but can last a Week worth of Meals & Lunches.

Very Good (1 rating)
Karrie's Hamburger Speciality

I love Hamburger A Lot & an not giving them up. Deit or No Deit.. I'll Work Out 1/2 Hour Extra to keep All my Special Foods & or Recipes

Karrie's Italian Breaded Pork Chops

These Pork Chops are very Tasty. This is Great with Apple Sauce, Mash/ Baked Potatoes, Noodles & Herbs, Stir Fry/ Plain Veggies, Etc.....

* NOTE.......BEWARE...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get in a 1/2 Hour of Extra Hard Core Cardio before eating these Pork Chops, Then you won't feel bad in the Morning. :D

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Karrie's Collection of Great Recipes & Meals
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