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Recipes I've Shared:


Using left over turkey or roast a 'turkey piece for the meat, remove bone and skin
I used 8 'foil' bake pans and divided the pie crust to cover top only.

Beef Stew - Meat Base

Prepare in advance, then freeze in portions - for a quick meal - just prepare and cook vegetables until just done, add meat and cook in microwave for 5 minutes or until done.

Apple, Banana Muffin / Loaf

Prepare Apple sauce, wash & core apple, cut into small pieces and microwave for 5 minutes, stir, microwave for another 2 minutes - let cool

Banana Cream Pie - Filling made in Micro Wave

Use your microwave for this. Do not bake

Yogurt - French Toast

Didn't have milk so looked for an alternate.
Found yogurt gave toast a tangy flavour.

Pumpkin Pie Filling - 9" Pie -/ Tarts

Simple - not too sweet or spicy

WF Modified Mincemeat - 1.5 TBSP-tart

To reduce the 'sweetness' tartness of commercial mincemeat

Scallop Potatoes

The sauce can be prepared in the microwave
Then added to the vegetables

Hard Sauce - for Christmas Pudding

Once made keep in fridge until used.

Carrot Pudding - Steamed

Nice Christmas pudding - not too rich.
Can use slow cooker on high, to steam pudding or large pot that will hold mould and cook for required length of time.

Blueberry - Oven Pancake

Adapted 'Finish Pancake' recipe

Muffin 1 Cup Flax Walnut - Microwave

Easy alternate breakfast/lunch portion

Basic Gravy

Using juices of 'roasted meat' - beef, pork, chicken, turkey

Rice Pudding - using slow cooker

Good way to use left over cooked rice.

Apple Pie - basic 1/8 of 9" SHELL

BASIC - Add seasons - cinnamon if desired

Meat Loaf - Basic 4 - 4 oz servings

Basic - added seasoning to taste
not in calorie count.

Split Pea Soup w Smoked Ham Hock

Using a large size slow cooker / if slow cooker is too small, cook ham bone with 1/2 the vegetables and water, and cook balance of vegetables separately on top of stove till peas have softened - approx. 1 hr. then combine when blending the vegetables.

ALSO - weighed ham bone when it went into slow cooker, then after cooked, removed skin and bone, which I weighed and subtracted from original total = weight used for calorie calculation


Basic Macaroni & Cheese - add pepper / mustard per personal preferrence


If you don't have left over turkey bones and meat
Roast 1 Turkey wing
Remove skin, Strip meat from bones, chop into bite size pieces set aside till ready to do 2nd step.
Add 1 cup water to roasting pan and bring to boil, stiring until all roasting juices are blended in, then add to stock pot.

Apple Blueberry Bran Muffins

Nice fruity muffin - low sugar

Turkey Soup

Left over Turkey

Cranberry Sauce - 2 TBSP = 1 Serving

Why buy the sauce - when this is so easy and flavourful

Pumpkin Pie Filling - 9" Pie or tarts

Simple - not too sweet or spicy

2 Step Beef Stew

I prepare this in two steps.
1. cube meat slow roast with garlic, onion and spices till tender. Cool, freeze in 4oz serving sizes in zip lock bag.
2. Defrost # of servings required and add serving size quantities of vegetables, along with broth in deep pot/electric pan. Thicken with flour for a light gravy. When vegetables are done, serve.


Simple quick soup / stew
Low Calorie

Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding from 'cooked rice'
In a slow cooker:
Wisk Eggs, Milk, Sugar, Vanilla together
Add cooked rice and raisins, mix well
Cook at "low" for 3-1/2 hours
Pull plug and let cool before serving.

Serving Size 3/4 Cup

Simple Beef Stew

Easy to prepare - serve or freeze for a quick evening meal, with addition of potatoes

Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce

Simple recipe
Sauce by itself = 93 calories / serving
with Spagetti = 385 calories / serving

Simple potato salad

Quick and easy potato salad

Five bean salad

Good addition to any summer barbeque or pot luck.

Easy Chilli

Chilli - for a pot-luck or buffet dinner - freeze left overs for a quick meal.

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