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Recipes I've Shared:

Ginger Garlic Shrimp & Chicken

Shrimp & Chicken Breast with edamame stir-fried with crushed ginger and garlic with a sweet hoisin sauce. Serve over brown rice. I like the jasmine brown rice. Makes ~six 0.5 cup servings.

Banana Poppy Bread

This is a take on a classic banana bread with reduced sugar and fat, added flax meal, and poppy seeds for a tasty twist. Note that you may want to add a tbsp of water to the batter (especially if you mix too long) to get the batter to the correct consistency before backing. Otherwise, your bread could be too dry or crumbly.

I suggest adding the ingredients in the order listed below. No need to use a power mixer if you don't want to do so.

Giant Pot of Broccoli-Shrimp Alfredo! (Cheap)

Made with groceries from Aldi. Price comes to $1.19x2 for broccoli, $1.69 for the sauce, $0.99 for the linguine, and $4.49 for the shrimp. So, all together, you can eat lunch and dinner for 2 days for a mere... $9.55! (before tax). I have been serving this with a half chicken breast on the side for more protein or raw broccoli with hummus.

Green Kick Smoothie

Co-invented with a friend, this green smoothie will give you a real kick! Loaded with fiber and vitamins A and B, use this smoothie to get you going in the morning or pick you up midday.

Berry Creamy Smoothie

This "berry" creamy smoothie is loaded with fiber and anti-oxidants, and makes a well-balanced meal on it's own! This recipe was co-invented with a friend of mine. Enjoy!

This recipe is dairy-free, and contains no added sugars. It's sweet, creamy, and refreshingly chill.

Spicy Chicken and Bean Soup

Not thick enough to be a chili, this spicy chicken and bean soup is a quick and easy slow-cooker recipe. I use a dry bean blend from Costco, but any dry bean mix will do.

Flax Apple Cinnamon Muffins (Gluten-Free)

Very soft, chunky, chewy muffins that are a little sweet but not overly so. I think you cannot tell the difference between the flax and a good whole-wheat flour, but my husband says that they have a little bit of a stronger taste. I think that the flax substitutes for the wheat perfectly, but he says he can tell, but still likes them. Everybody's different, so try them out and see for yourself!

There are multiple variations on a theme that you could make with these muffins, depending on whether you're just going gluten-free or also trying to reduce your sugars. The full recipe (all optional ingredients) makes each muffin 155.1 kcal (6.3 g fiber, 7.6 g sugars). If you're wanting to reduce your carbs, without the turbinado sugar you drop to 147.6 kcal (6.3 g fiber, 5.6 g sugars). By dropping sugar + fresh apple + raisins, you drop down to 128.9 kcal (5.9 g fiber, 2.0 g sugars). This recipe is very flexible and you can easily add or take away any ingredients you want. I also make this same recipe with bananas instead of the applesauce and apple chunks, but add a little olive oil to keep them moist.

Be careful about over-baking these muffins. I often bake them until the toothpick comes out clean (~20 minutes), but they will still be a bit soggy on the inside because of the apple chunks. I refrigerate them overnight, and then microwave for 1-1.5 minutes when I want to eat them, which finishes baking the insides. I get a soft, piping hot muffin that goes great with my morning coffee and a couple of eggs!

Note that if you want a nut that will stay crunchy, substitute a harder nut like walnuts or pecans for sliced almonds. I like that they get a little chewy, but you may not.

Kale and Feta Fritatta

Very easy to make, divide into 6 portions for a simple, reheatable breakfast for the week at only 158 calories per serving! Perfect breakfast for people who have limited time in the mornings but want a hot breakfast.

I have begun making this every Sunday, and I divide it into 6 portions to carry me through Monday through Saturday. Reheats in the microwave quickly (be careful not to overheat), and with a piece of buttered whole-grain toast is a warm, hearty breakfast for under 300 calories!

Cranberry-Orange Cornmeal Muffins or Quick Bread

Makes a delightful quick bread or muffin, perfect during the autumn and winter seasons. We always make these at Thanksgiving and during the winter holidays. They substitute for dessert, and at less than 200 calories a serving you don't have to feel too guilty for eating it, either!

Substituting the cornmeal for a second cup of flour makes the bread a little less crumbly, but we think the cornmeal adds an extra tastiness that is lost without it.

If you really love cranberries, add 2 cups. If you're worried it will be too tart for you tastes, just use 1 cup. We like the 2-cup version. If using cranberries from frozen, we recommend letting them thaw on the counter before adding them to the bread.

Flourless Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

Peanut butter and oatmeal cookies made without flour. Great if you're gluten-free or watching carbs. Note that you can also replace all sugar with a no-calorie sweetener, but my hubby prefers the taste of half stevia and half sugar. I find that it makes them sweet enough, but you might want more sweetener.

These are a nice high-protein cookie for before exercising or for those days when you really crave sweets.

Note that they can be crumbly if you press them too thin or bake too long.

Creamed Broccoli & Cauliflower Soup

Very simple creamed broccoli and cauliflower soup, seasoned with onion, garlic, salt, and both white and black peppers. With a vita mix or blender, very quick meal. Makes four hearty 2-cup servings.

Wild rice & mushroom side dish

Wild rice, mushrooms, green beans, onion, and garlic. Makes a lovely side dish with lean beef. We eat with london broil.

Note that we are fans of strong garlic and onion flavors, so reduce the amounts of each if not to your taste.

I like to use it cold as a salad topper the next day.

Seedy Muffins or Bread

Delicious high protein, high fiber muffin to grab and go! It also makes a great quick bread. I modified this from the recipe on the back of a bag of chia seeds I got awhile ago. My husband calls these our "seedy" muffins, our preferred alternative to the seed rolls at Whole Foods. These are more dense, contain a lot more seeds and fiber, and are moist, not chewy. Great by themselves, with some raspberry preserves, or with soups.

My Best Biscuits: Southern-style, whole wheat, and reduced fat

This is a recipe I've perfected over the years, which is a slightly modified version of a family recipe for true, Southern-style biscuits. For best results, bake in iron skillet.

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Vegan Sweet Potato-Tomato-Cabbage Stew

My first attempt at a completely vegan meal. I live in a meat-and-potatoes household, but this went over surprisingly well. Low calorie and packed with good vitamins and fiber, this soup is filling on its own and does not require any grains or meat to be satisfying. This has quickly become one of my favorite "diet" soups because of how tasty, filling, and low-cal it is. I can eat until I'm full, and not feel guilty!

Sharp Chedder & Broccoli Fritatta

Excellent crustless quiche, hodge-podge of several recipes I saw online. Has a rich flavor, but surprised me with how low in calories 1/4 of the fritatta was! One-fourth is a HUGE slice.

There are some easy modifications to make it lower in fat and cholesterol, but be careful not to skimp on the oil in the iron skillet or you could have your fritatta stick. I have purposefully calculated in its richest form, and you can reduce from there. Possible ways to reduce calories and fat would be to: only use the egg whites from half of the eggs, use less cheese, or omit bacon. I have a picky husband, so I'm presenting this recipe as I make it (and end up eating it)!

Cheese Garlic Grits or Polenta

The recipe below is for grits (dried, ground corn) but could easily be converted into a polenta dish by exchanging 1:1 grits for yellow cornmeal. Cooking time will be slightly longer with cornmeal.

Buckaroo Beans (aka Buffalo Beans)

A spicy main dish packed with protein and lower carb that goes well with cornbread or biscuits, or can stand on its own.

Super Green Smoothie

Creamy, green smoothie that is low calorie and filling. Great for breakfast, as a snack, or even sweet enough to be dessert. Can also be left thick and made into a sorbet. What a great way to get wholesome greens!

Coconut Lentil Curry

Lentils and chicken in a garam masala coconut curry sauce. Add carrots and spinach, if desired (not in calculation). Serve over rice, with naan, or over half a baked sweet potato. You could also substitute cubed sweet potato or cauliflower for the chicken to make it vegan.

Creamy Green Veggie Soup

This is for a cream-style soup made from green vegetables. I use frozen vegetables because I keep good-quality ones on hand, but it could easily be made from fresh as well! Great on a cold night with a salad for dinner. Low carb as-is, or would be nice with thick, crusty bread also.

Try it with other vegetables, including cauliflower, asparagus, or spinach.

Get-My-Day Going Smoothie

There are several variations on this theme, but this is one of the most common I use. It's flavorful, not too sweet, creamy, and most importantly it's like eating a small salad for breakfast every morning! The only downside is that if I don't eat a piece of whole-grain toast with it, I'm hungry about an hour too early for lunch.

Note: I have a Vitamix blender, so I can put these ingredients in without much chopping or prep. I don't know how well this will work with other blenders.

Other variations include replacing the apple with an orange and replacing the strawberries with 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries. This is also very good! I also experiment with other vegetables I can throw in there. Celery is NOT a good choice, but a slice of tomato is inoffensive. Small chunks of mango or papaya change things up a bit so that it doesn't get monotonous. The bottom line is - don't forget the spinach, and have fun with the rest! You can also try increasing the spinach, but I have found that 1/2 cup is enough to get the nutrients from it but not too much where I can taste it.

Lentil & Beef Curry

A spicy, stew-like dish made with yellow curry, lentils, spinach, carrots, and beef. I like to serve with rice or naan. The beef is good, and is used to appease my husband; however, I would really like to try it with sweet potato chunks instead. I am writing the recipe using beef, but you could substitute lamb, chicken, tofu, sweet potato, or even cauliflower. This is a thai-style yellow curry, not Indian. The following recipe is for a medium spice - I love hot curry, so I generally double the spice listed. If your tastes are milder, cut the spice listed in half and add to taste.

Remember that salt enhances the flavor of a good curry, so even though there is sodium in the bouillon, if you are not as concerned with sodium intake then I recommend a little extra salt to taste.

Sauteing the spices also enhance their flavor rather than adding them later.

I cannot take much credit for this recipe because I modified it from:

However, I still hope you enjoy it and find a way to make it your own as I have! Once I try the sweet potato substitution, I will be sure to update.

Crustless Quiche, Mediterranean Style

This crustless quiche is a quick, easy, light meal that accompanies an italian- or greek-style salad nicely. I find that I do not miss the crust at all. I experimented with this recipe a few times before I got it right, and the importance to having a flavorful, crustless quiche is to not skimp on the olive oil for sauteeing. The olive oil adds minimal fat and calories versus a cooking spray, adds a ton of flavor, and also has omega-3 fatty acids.

For best results, bake in a cast-iron skillet that you lightly coat with a bit more olive oil, but cooking spray and a glass pie dish will also work. The cast iron makes the quiche brown and crusty - despite the lack of crust!