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Recipes I've Shared:

Tuskegee (La Mie Bakery estimate)

Awesome bread with mustard, peanut butter, eggs, bacon and red onion

The Natural (Palmer's Deli)

Palmer's Deli - The Natural. No mayo - add mustard.

Sun Dried Pesto sauce/spread

I made this for a rub on a lamb dish that I made; however, have found it is great as a spread for a sandwhich, dip for chips or a topping for a burger. I couldn't find the brand that I uesd for the pesto but I used Artisan Pesto Sauce which includes some Parmesan as well.

Prosciutto Wrapped Lamb (Roasted)

Just as the name implies - awesomeness!

Big City Burgers and Green Salad

Create your own awesome salad.

Big City Burgers and Green Salad

Create your own awesome salad.

Asain Ramen Salad

Family favorite and not too bad

Wild Rice Casserole

Awesome side dish and one of my favorites from our family growing up. Easy to make once in the oven.

Creole Southwest Mix

Made this for fun one night. Took a combo from another recipe and converted a little.

Palmer's Greek Salad (Des Moines, IA)

This is a guestimation on the calories when including everything (dressing and coutons).

Raosted Vegetables (Peppers and Eggplant)

Roasted vegetables in olive oil and garlic.

Ubberhoffer from Royal Mile in Des Moines, IA

This is a guess at the calories in the Ubberhoffer at Royal Mile. Not recommended if you are on a diet - but if it is a day off a must have!

Slow Cooked Chicken with vegetables

Took the one from Chef Meg and made it my own.

Sunday Morning Soup Concoction - Vegetable and Turkey Bacon with rice

Was in the mood to make random soup with random ingredients.

Mini Turkey Pastrami Reubens

Couldn't find mini reubens so I made my own. Used Turkey Pastrami (Sam's) for lower cal option.

Plain salad (no dressing)

Just a bunch of veggies tossed together.

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Roasted Veggies

Eggplant, zucchini, red, onion, yellow and green peppers with olive oil and garlic cloves. All roasted for 45 minutes at 350 degrees.

Arm Roast slow cooked in Beef Broth

Just whipping something together for friends and am throwing a bunch of stuff in a crockpot. Can't go wrong!

Ratatouille in Pie Crust

This is an excellent and easy to make recipe for Ratatouille.

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