Recipes I've Shared:

Cheesy Ranch Dip by Dee

I wanted something heavier for my veggies.

Strawberry Chocolate Shakeology by Dee

This is only half a scoop of Shakeology!

Dee's Salsa Eggs

It's just eggs and salsa! My kids love this.

Dee's Banana Bread

this is an ancient family recipe. don't mess with it!

Dee's Simple Soup

Everyone in my house is sick, including me. But I mustered up enough energy to make this soup because I was out of Chicken Noodle and was NOT venturing out to a store. :-) It was actually fantastic!

Dee's Simple Guacamole

More than 10 years ago I went to Mexico with a church missions trio, and one of the families made us guacamole. Home made, authentic mexican guacamole. It was AMAZING! Since then I have been trying and trying to recreate the stuff. This is it!!!

*It's gotta be green onions*
*It's gotta be serrano pepper*
*Ya gotta leave the pulp from the fruit in there*

Dee's Easy Spaghetti Sauce

Homemade sauces are best!

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Dee's Fun Foods (cuz I have kids)