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SplendaŽ Sugar Free version of Maine Down-East Country Apple Pie

While based on a recipe from SpendaŽ, this recipe closely resemble a tradition Maine Country Apple Pie home-baked in the 1950's.

Other than the substation of a non-caloric sweetener, the main difference is the prime ingredient would be heirloom sour green apples or crabapples from our own or local farm orchards. Pie crust was, of course, home made. The pie would have been baked in a wood-fired antique range with a huge oven.

A benefit of the old but reliable oven is a side-arm tank beside the oven would simultaneously produce hot water, and heat the kitchen while the pie baked.

The aroma of fruitwood mingled with the mouth-watering smell of apple pie baking gave free room odorizor while whetting the appetite of the entire household.

During long, cold winter months, apples "put away" from the fall harvest kept well until spring in the root cellar, protected from freezing by fragrant sawdust.

This version uses Granny Smith apples, but any firm apple can be substituted. Use a Pyrex or tin 9" pie pan.

In the traditional heirloom recipe the pie pan was likely a 10" or 12" stoneware or glazed terra cotta deep dish pan, similar to the material used in Bean Pots Like Bean Pots, the pie pans would be glazed inside and outside, but not on the bottom, for improved heat distribution and perfectly even browning. These old pie pans also kept the pie deliciously warm until served. Even a huge 12" pie would be consumed in one meal by a hungry, but appreciative family

"Ayuh! Mighty Wicked Receipt" (Recipe).

Charming, sturdy, and ample stoneware mixing bowls nested nicely, often with simple rings or floral decoration.

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