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Winter Vegetable and Lentil Soup

There's nothing like a bowl of soup on a cold day! This is one of our favourites. I make a huge pot, and we eat it for several meals, adding different ingredients to change it up, such as: chopped, cooked chicken; grated cheese; a can of tuna; cottage cheese or light sour cream..... You get the idea! Of course, if you add anything, you will have to adjust the nutritional information accordingly.

Quick Corn & Bean Salad

Keep a can of corn and beans in the fridge - this is simple, quick, and very tasty. It's especially good in the summer when you can get the tomatoes and cucumbers fresh out of the garden!

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Chuck's Veggie Stew

This is a delicious stew that my husband makes for me! You can vary the herbs and spices according to your taste. It's very versatile and tastes great. It's even better the second day!

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