Recipes I've Shared:

Weekday Breakfast Frittata

premade in a tin, easy to serve all week
-- vegetable combination can vary seasonally --

Leap Day Butter Flourless Cacao truffle cake

once in 4 years, I use real butter and real eggs for a real chocolate decadence -- this is a relatively non-sweet version using only cacao (not processed chocolate bar) for the most intense flavor

Tahini brownies with fruit jam

no-butter, protein, dense brownies - not for the every day

Revolution Latkes

When Ukrainian Orange Revolution and Hanukah cooccurred in 2004, sweet potato latkes were invented

Better Brownies: no butter, no sugar, just spice and slamb!

when it's actually chocolate that you crave!

Blood Orange Hammantaschen _ no butter!

butterless hammantaschen with a delicate citrus flavor
perfectly healthy festive fun dessert.

Recipes I've Rated:

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