Recipes I've Shared:

Karrie's Chef's Salad

I'm on My Salad Kick again.

Chris's Southern Breakfast Dish

I let Chris (My Hubby, The Skinny Mini) Cook Tonight.

1 Serving should = 1 Cup fer 12 Cups in all. ( Or Close to it)

Karrie's Beef & Vegetable Soup * Cure for a Cold

I'm sick & need some Soup. Just remember 1 Cup ='s 1 Serving

Teriyaki Honey & Pineapple Chicken Nuggets

Needed a Quick N Simple Dinner Meal

Karrie's Sloppy Joes

Add this to My Countless other Great Recipes :-D

Karrie's Corn Beef Hash Meal

The Food Grouping doesn't work for me so, I've added all my Food Meals here

* NOTE: Breakfast is the most Important Part of the Day. I know the Calorie Counts High but, The More you Exercise, You can Afford This Break Meal. :-)

Karrie's Mexican Burrito

I had a 2 1/2 lbs Burrito Today @ a Mexican Restaurant. So, I asked them how they made this or Copy the 4Recipe for Me (Which They Couldn't) But, Told me how they put it together.

& HMMMMMMM,HMMMMMM was to GOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!! ;-DP

Note: The Pic shown is when I got it Home So, imagine the Second Half & It's Hugh!!!!!!!!

Coffman's Calossal Bacon Cheese Burger

My Husband has made fer Dinner his Coffman's Family Hamburger with the Works. (Can anyone say.....No Diet Tonight.)

Unless you have enough Fitness Time or Want a Day Off from your Diet, Do Not Eat This!!!!!!!!!!!

He Added to his Burger Ham, on Top of this Recipe. I'm just not much of a Ham Person..I'll Wait fer Christmas ty. :-)

His Coffman Family Burger Pic is off to the Right.

Karrie's Chicken Parmesan 1 Cup Servings

Hubby wanted Chicken Parmesan so, I made it. Plus I had to make a recipes TO count My forever ending calories.

Very Good (1 rating)
Karrie's Turkey Sandwich

Tiring to Cut my Hubby's Deli Sand. by 200 Cals.

Karrie's Herb & Noodles

Making my Herb Noodles to go with my Fish tonight but, goes great with any Meal.


Break the Herb & Noodles into 3 oz Servings a piece

Karrie's Meat Loaf Sandwich

I took My Left Over Meat Loaf & Made it into a Sandwich. ;-)

Karrie's Chilli Mac

Another Super Meal :-D Quick, Simple & Easy.We also make it last a Couple of Days because we only got so much money fer Foods per Month.

1 Cup Servings

Broccoli stroganoff

I can't stand Broccoli so, I put it in something I really love, to get my Veggie Count for the Day.

Karrie's Generic Hamburger

We didn't go shopping yet fer the Monthly Groceries so, I had this Combo

Incredible! (1 rating)
Karrie's Sausage Link Galosh Meal

Another Put it all together & Call it a Meal

1 Cup per Serving

Karrie's Pork Meal Galosh

We had a Great Dinner Last Night. So, I grabbed all the Left Overs & Made a Galosh fer dinner tonight.

* Note: 1 Cup per Serving

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Chris & Karrie's Cook Book
This Cook Book has some of Chris's & my Favorite Recipes. There are ALLOT of Great Recipes in here but, some of the Food is very Fattening to Some (I'm included but, I watch my Servings, Sometimes) ;-) It hurts to have a Hubby that can eat All Day & Not Gain Weight. UGH!!!!