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Roasted kale w/sesame seeds

A delicious and quick way to prepare kale. It becomes crispy and almost nutty-tasting when roasted, especially with the sesame seeds.

Carob coconut balls

Gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, no-cook treats great for summer snacking when you need a boost or a "sweet" fix

Hummus with a twist

Homemade hummus recipe with the tang of green olives added in!

Spinach tofu dip (aka, Super "pesto")

Gluten-free and vegan, this recipe gives you a SUPER BOOST of vitamin A, potassium, fiber, protein and vitamin C! It makes a nice dip or a "sauce" (like pesto) for rice pasta.

Quick veggie bean soup

I adopted from a minestrone soup recipe and it's sooo tasty! I use not only kale, but a blend of greens (mustard, chard, spinach and kale) from a bagged Trader Joe's mix.

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Cutting out the middle
Recipes from 2 ends of the eating spectrum --"paleo" lifestyle & vegan lifestyle. I've cut out the other crap -- gluten, dairy, eggs, sugar (excluding fruit), yeast. Based on an anti-Candida diet, plus other food allergy diets, I've culled together recipes & tweaked them for me. Thanks for reading!