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Banana Bran Muffins

These are a low-fat version of a Banana Bran Muffin recipe I found online. Basically, applesauce is used instead of butter, and Coconut Milk is used instead of Regular Milk (but that's because I didn't realize we were out of milk when I made these -- they turned out great, so I did something right). You might want to up the sugar by a quarter cup, as they're not super sweet. If you like the banana taste to overpower, you might want to lessen the amount of bran you use by a quarter cup or so.

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Yarjka's Testing Ground
This cookbook is for recipes I find that look intriguing, but may need to be tweaked or worked on in some way to make them healthier or tastier. If the recipe fails to be as good as it looks, then it will be removed from the cookbook.