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Recipes I've Shared:

Grandma's Quick Cherry Cheesecake

So easy, and so good, in that "we've been eating this forever" kind of way. This is a legacy recpe from my husband's grandmother, updated by me to replace the added sugar with stevia, and use light cream cheese, pie filling, and evaporated milk. This is a big family crowd pleaser, and no one seems to notice the difference, although I'm not sure Grandma would approve...

Roasted root vegetables with goat cheese

This side dish has become the unexpected MVP of my holiday dinners, against a very competitive field including mashed potatoes! Also makes a great salad when served warm over spinach, kale and arugula.

Chickpea, mushroom and tomato pasta sauce

This is a popular weeknight favourite in my house, adapted from a recipe out of Canadian Living magazine. This is one of the few vegetarian dishes I make that my husband really really likes. I usually serve it over whole wheat pasta or spaghetti squash if I'm looking to really boost the veggies (these aren't taken into account in the nutritional info, which is for the sauce ONLY). It's also good with a little bit of leftover spicy sausage or chicken, although this isn't reflected in the nutritional calculation either.

Tons of fibre in this one!

Rustic pasta (elk sausage, peppers, feta and chickpeas)

Makes a huge amount of hearty pasta - great for a weeknight dinner, and gives lots of leftovers.

Meal Sized Strawberry Spinach Salad

I modified this from mother in law's favourite spinach salad (with red onion and strawberry) by adding chickpeas, goat cheese and sunflower seeds for extra punch and protein. This makes a great summer evenning meal when you can't face a hot stove!

Very Good (2 ratings)
Carrot Cake Muffins (Gluten Free)

My go-to dessert when entertaining friends with gluten allergies or intolerances. Check confectioner's sugar and spices for any added gluten (not usual, but done sometimes as a filler), but otherwise bake away!

Apple Spice Muffins (Whole wheat)

Quick and healthy apple muffins - also freeze well.

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Tangy bean dip

Quick and easy flavourful bean dip - a hit with dieters and non-dieters alike.

Easy vegetarian marinara sauce

My family's go-to pasta sauce - simply, rich, garlicky goodness that works over all kinds of pasta as well as in a pasta-bake or on eggplant parmesan. I often add mushrooms, preserved artichokes, chickpeas and white beans for a quick weeknight pasta dish. Makes 6 generous servings and freezes well up to 3 months, although it will loose some of it's bright red colour if frozen.

Eggplant and Leek Stirfry

A quick, satisfying veggie stir-fry. Serve over rice. Recycles well as a salad topping or omelet filler.

Very Good (1 rating)
Slow Cooker Red Lentil Curry

This is one of my go-to slow-cooker recipes - tasty, vegetarian and rich in fibre and protein. I will sometimes add caraway seeds for a slightly sharper flavour, and will use sweet potatoes, carrots, and other hard vegetables in addition to the potatoes, depending on what's in the fridge. I recommend serving garnished with yogourt or low-fat sour cream, and fresh cilantro is terrific stirred in just before serving.

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Tried and Tested Vegetarian Recipes
These are my favourite veggie recipes, both my own and others I've found on Spark. In general, these are ones that meat-lovers still enjoy. Many contain milk and eggs, though, since I'm an ovo-lacto girl and that's how I roll... enjoy!