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agassifan crockpot chop suey (lower sodium)

This is a lower sodium recipe, if you are not worried about salt, add an envelope of onion soup mix (or 4 bullion cubes) when you put everything in the crockpot.

This can use any protein you want (I used shrimp), OR go totally vegetarian, use tofu if you want.

If using raw meat. cut it in bite sized pieces and put it in the bottom of the crockpot, then put veggies on top. I used raw shrimp and did not want to over cook them, so I added the shrimp one hour before I was going to serve the chop suey. If you are using pre-cooked (leftover meat), add to the crockpot one hour before serving time.

I used corn starch to thicken the "gravy" (1 TBSP to 1 cup of water), but you do NOT have to do this step (cornstarch is factored into the nutritional totals).

Serve over rice or chop suey noodles....(not factored into nutritional counts).

agassifan red cabbage cauliflower slaw

Threw this together using my food processor in no time and it is GREAT!!!

Very striking (purple & white)....pretty slaw to serve to your family or guests. Tastes great with balsamic vinegar, but is prettier with apple or rice wine vinegar.

agassifan spinach cheese potato frittata

My "go to" healthier substitute for my mac & cheese can make this even healthier by reducing the amount of cheese used or using low fat cheese. Recipe is high in potassium (over 1,000 mg) and other nutrients....not something I allow myself to have "everyday", this is my special treat meal.

Freezes great for a super breakfast, lunch or dinner anytime.

agassifan beef & sweet potato frittata

Great low carb recipe and you low-carbers can use cheese to your heart's content (sprinkle on top before placing pan in the oven).

Swap or add more veggies/spices if you have them (peppers, squash, spinach), I used the sweet potato to get the potassium and I had it on hand (low carb people, the tiny amount of sweet potato, per serving, is well within the low carb range)...just need enough eggs to cover up everything. I made this without salt, but a sprinkle of celery salt, and a pinch of red pepper flakes, goes great.

This is a great breakfast and perfect for a quick meal "as is" or chopped up and placed on top of a salad. You can freeze the portions and keep it on hand for a quick breakfast...just reheat in the microwave for 2-4 minutes on 50% power...or until warm. Do NOT reheat on full power...makes the eggs "tough and rubbery".

Cheese can be added when you put it in to bake.

agassifan groundnut stew (chicken or vegetarian)

This stew is KILLER good! Comes out great without the chicken if you want to go vegetarian.

If you like spicy thai coconut soup, this is right up your alley...comes out tasting like it without using the coconut milk. You can adjust how spicy you want to make it. Recipe called for a pierced hababero, but I just used red pepper flakes.

Original recipe called for 3-4 pounds of chicken, but I cut it back to a pound and a half (2 whole chicken legs...1.5 lbs)to reduce the calories and get more veggies in the pot.

Feel free to add additional veggies...swap out the turnip if you are not a fan of them. Recommended ones were bell peppers, eggplant, sweet potatoes, and cabbage...I would have added pumpkin to mine, but ran out of room in the pot.

Lentils and rice were my additions, to thicken up the stew, but were not in original recipe (they are included in nutritional count). Also, original recipe called for chicken stock, not water...didn't want the salt so I used water...came out GREAT!

MAKE IT YOUR OWN!!!! Really tasty, something different!

agassifan tomato peach soup

OUTRAGEOUSLY GOOD!!!!! are reading this right....TOMATOES & PEACHES!!!!!

Chef Bittman made a similar soup on the Today friend doesn't like onions or garlic, so I modified this to use ginger and curry powder instead....

Original recipe called for adding 1 medium onion (chopped) and sauteing it in some olive oil, before adding tomatoes and peaches and cooking....and the chef did not add the curry powder or ginger...he just garnished it with fresh tarragon...(he also added 1/2 of cream...but I don't find that necessary)...haven't made it that way yet..."my" version has just been too good to pass up!

NO WATER IS ADDED to this soup...just uses the natural liquid from the fruit.

agassifan turnip carrot squash curry casserole

This is a side dish that rivals the sugar drenched sweet potatoes usually on everyone's Thanksgiving Day table.

I use it as a dessert, side dish...or a reward for not eating something else, on my forbidden foods list, that was "calling my name". You can swap sweet potatoes for the squash, or turnip, but the turnip really rounds out the flavour of the dish. The kids next door actually ask me to make this for them!

Crystalized ginger is a fabulous pantry item that can be used in a ton of recipes...especially stir frys...and keeps ages on the pantry chelf...really makes the dish!

agassifan vegetable hash

This dish is high in potassium and low in salt You can add more or less spices, your choice. Great for brunches, snacks or even for a vegetarian main dish.

To make a "one skillet meal", add precooked meat when you add the canned (or fresh) tomatoes at the end of cooking the veggies. But be sure to add the meat to your nutrition tracker, it is not factored into the recipe counts.

agassifan cauliflower pasta salad with lemon & mint

The point of this salad is to have a pasta salad with a LOT of veggies to stretch the pasta experience. AND has a healthy dressing that was yogurt based to keep the calories down.

I was amazed at how tasty it is...the fresh mint and lemon really made it POP! And the dressing was really good...I used regular yogurt (not non fat) but I'm sure you could use either.

I think using green onions would have been even better but I didn't have any on hand, so I used a vadalia onion.

agassifan veggie beef pie

This recipe has major WOW factor for your parties or other gatherings. I was a BIG hit at our Easter breakfast. I added beef that I needed to use up, but this pie is excellent without meat and you can use just about any vegetable that you want, as long as it isn't too "juicy" and would make the bread soggy.

Great brunch item, can be eaten warm or room temp. I made this for an Easter breakfast. Good thing to have in the fridge for a fast meal or to pack for lunch. The original recipe called for lots of sliced deli meats (salami, ham, whatever), I added mostly veggies and used some leftover beef rib meat that I had in the fridge to cut down the fat, sodium and calorie counts.

You can make your own bread dough, or use fresh, pre-made dough that is available at the supermarket. I used 1.5 bags of 16 oz store-bought bread dough, so I ended up with 8 oz of dough for a small pizza or a calzone.

Original recipe called for using a spring form pan...but whatever pan you use, make sure it has some depth to it so you can make a deep pie. I used a casserole dish for this and had no problem removing the slices.

Make sure the meat (if using) has been fully cooked before placing in the pie. Thinly slice the veggies or par-cook before adding to the pie...roasted eggplant slices (or any vegetable or leftovers) would work in this recipe.

I should have browned my bread more, before covering with foil, (see pic) but I was in a rush to get out the door, for church....

agassifan healthy apple pear butternut soup (crockpot)

Low sodium, low calorie, healthy low fat, BIG on flavour, delicious....

I had 4 apples and an asian pear "to use up" and created this soup in my crockpot (any apple or pear can be used in this)...and it came out fantastic! I didn't peel my apples, since I like the fiber aspect, but feel free to peel them if you wish.

Other recipes add cream or half & half, but I don't think it is necessary....feel free to play with the spices, if you don't like curry, leave it out and add some cumin or basil.

You can eliminate the olive oil (which reduces the calorie count to around 127), but the oil gives the soup a better "mouth feel". Feel free to make this vegetarian by swapping the chicken stock for vegetable stock...or even water would be fine, and add a TINY amount of salt.

You may choose to add a dollop of fat free sour cream or yogurt when you serve it....

agassifan eggplant et tuna du Lent

This dish is delicious, perfect for Lent and packed with nutrition. If you wanted it to be vegetarian, just leave out the tuna...

I have been searching for a Lenten dish to replace tuna casserole....I LOVE tuna casserole, but I am a carb addict and don't want the temptation of all that pasta (even whole grain). So I have substituted the eggplant and the zucchini for the pasta, and went with tomatoes, instead of the "cream" sauce/soup...I guess you could call it a stew. I don't miss the pasta at all.

agassifan cabbage tuna casserole (Lent)

This is my slimmed down tuna casserole that gives you your pasta "fix" with less calories being involved. And it makes a nice, large (2 cup) serving. A second can of tuna may be added, but is not figured into my slimmed down version here. The mushrooms help give this casserole a very satisfying "meaty" mouth feel.

Perfect meal for meatless Lenten Fridays.

Optional topping of panko (bread) crumbs and parmesan is not included in nutritional values.

agassifan tamale pie (modified Ingrid Hoffman recipe)

This is a modified recipe from Ingrid Hoffman (food network). I omitted chipolte (2) chilies and (1 tsp) adobo sauce and used low sodium beans and tomatoes.

I was making it for children and myself, all of which aren't fond of food that is too spicy. Feel free to add them if you want to. GREAT recipe to take to parties and gatherings. Simple to throw together and is always a crowd pleaser.

agassifan crockpot ratatoulle

This recipe is marginally high in sodium because of the soup mix and canned tomatoes. If you are watching your sodium, or want it vegetarian, substitute 1 large chopped onion and omit soup mix and substitute 2-3 large chopped tomatoes for the canned ones I used.

Dried basil is fine, use 1 TBSP, I just had fresh to use up. Liquid should be at least one inch below the top of the vegetables when you start cooking (veggies will exude a lot of liquid, while cooking).

If you have room in your nutritional values for the day, serve topped with some parmesan cheese.

REALLY filling and keeps you that way for hours!

agasifan Black Eyed Pea party-cakes

Really hearty snack, appetizer or meal...original recipe called for 2 jalopenos, but I swapped them out for the curry and garlic powders.

Cooking time includes 40 minutes time to cook dry BEPs... if using rinsed, canned beans, cooking time is 3-4 minutes. Some people don't soak BEPs, but I like it better when I soak them

Good candidate for your food processor (which I used) but can easily be put together without one.

Make small cakes and top with salsa, sour cream, cheese, whatever you like and use as appetizers for a party (hold up well at room temp). I dipped them in medium chilpolte salsa...but they are great just as they are at room temp.

I ended up with 24 (2" plus) pancakes which made 6 (4 cake) servings. I like to put a couple in a snack sized baggie and keep out at night for sudden snack urges.

agassifan roasted carrots

Go To recipe for the days you just can't get rid of that feeling of being it ALL for 215 calories!

You don't have to eat this in one sitting...keep it around for snacking...travels well, tastes better when hot or at room temp.

Does NOT need to be refrigerated, as long as it is eaten same day as it was made.

agassifan pizza snack

Basic snack can add other items if you want, but be sure to add them on your nutrition tracker. Any of the laughing cow cheese flavors can be used. Any salsa works.

Fabulous party snack...cut each pizza into 4 wedges.

apassifan strawberry ginger applesauce

Great side dish for pork...delicious dessert with a dab of fat free topping....or a perfect "pick me up" snack. Add a couple of tablespoons to your morning hot cereal. YUMMY!

Serve warm or chilled.

agasifan whole wheat pasta turkey salad

This is a low sodium/low fat recipe...add more salt to the dressing if you wish. I use curry powder to make up for the lack of may omit it if you want. Feel free to add some chopped nuts, but I did not calculate for them.

agassifan gingerbread pudding (low fat)

This is a very tasty, low fat dessert. Serve with a dollop of fat free whipped topping, Yummy served warm on cold evenings. One serving contains less that 1 gram of fat and has LOTS of potassium from the molassas.

Original recipe contained 1 TBSP of butter in the milk...that's up to you...butter (or oil) gives the crust a better mouth feel...

For "neater" presentation, you might want to chill the pudding, cut into servings, place onto plates and warm it in the microwave before serving.

agassifan low sodium/low fat moussaka

This is a revamp of SP user KHILKEY's recipe "healthy moussaka"...I trimmed the salt and added more eggplant and spices...and swapped feta for fat free ricotta.

agassifan baked falafel

Traditionally served with tahini sauce, but I am happy eating them with low calorie ranch dipping sauce. Also good in a pita with salad and tomatoes.

This is an Ellie Krieger healthy recipe.

agassifan pakistani stovetop casserole (keema)

This recipe is an adaptation of SP user QUILTBUGI's keema. This is a low sodium recipe, feel free to increase or decrease the spices...can be served over rice or pasta....I like this without the pasta or rice...VERY filling.
If you don't want to use the marsala, I would substitute some balsamic vinegar or fresh lemon juice.

agassifan fake pesto spaghetti squash

This is my favourite way to eat spaghetti squash. I like cooking it in its own skin and keeping all the vitamins intact, not to mention, it saves cleaning a baking dish.

The original dish called for pesto sauce, this cuts way back on the oil from that recipe.

agassifan veggie asiago frittata w/ flax seed meal

This is a frittata....serve warm or room temperature... perfect for a brunch item, appetizer (when cut into bite sized pieces) or a picnic! ANYTHING can be added, omitted or switched (except the eggs)...use this recipe to use up all those dribs and drabs that you have in the fridge...adding meat will seriously increase the calorie count, natch...cooked shrimp, crab, or fish can also be added...use a non-stick skillet, and you can omit the olive oil....use a strongly flavoured cheese so you get more flavour and won't be tempted to use more cheese or salt. If you like things spicy, add some hot sauce or chili flakes to the eggs before pouring them over the veggies.

agassifan eggplant timbale (slimmed down)

Great recipe for a dinner party...served with a salad and breadsticks.

Vegetarian may brown 1/2 lb hamburger and 1/2 italian sausage and add to pasta mix for "meaties".

This recipe takes a little bit of prep, but makes a spectacular presentation. Do a nice job with the bottom layering because that will be the presentation side...the top will not show, but try to cover it as well as possible.

This recipe has been WAY pared down calorie and fat wise...use the cheeses listed for the best flavour.

agassifan low fat/sodium chicken soup

2 day 1, poach chicken legs in 2 qts low sodium broth with carrot and onion (whatever), refrigerate overnight and skim 2, make soup.

This is my basic chicken soup....veggies differ, depending on what is in the fridge and needs to "get used". Vinegar used can be whatever you want...this soup needs a little acid to bring out the flavors (especially since it is such a low sodium version), don't be afraid of using more red pepper flakes or black pepper (or fresh ginger), I don't like spicy hot foods, but when you cut the sodium way back, you NEED spices to keep you happy with the taste of things.

agassifan butternut veggie soup

I use a food processor, so I shred all my veggies...if you don't have one, cube the veggies. You will just have to increase the simmer time by 10-15 minutes. If you must, you may peel the carrots, apples, and potato...but I don't.

The spices and the balsamic vinegar are key to keeping this recipe low sodium, low fat and really tasty. I like a thick soup, so I simmer it down after pureeing, but you have to be careful not to burn the reduced soup.

This soup is packed with potassium, Vitamin A, and a massive amount of other vitamins.

Serve with a sprinkle of chopped nuts or parmesan cheese.

agassifan crockpot chicken vegetable chili

Want a bigger serving, add additional low calorie veggies (like kale, spinach, or whatever).
You can use 3 cans of whatever beans you have on hand.
Make it as hot as you want it.

Very Good (2 ratings)
agassifan cauliflower and whole wheat pasta

If you want to keep this vegetarian, use vegetable stock. Feel free to add a little red pepper flakes if you like things spicier, or if you don't like basil, use oregano or marjoram instead. If you like broccoli better than cauliflower, use it instead. Add some red, or green bell peppers if you want a little more color to you dish...any vegetables can be added to this recipe...just be sure to add them to your nutrition tracker...

Since this has more vegetables than pasta it is a VERY filling meal.

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