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Recipes I've Shared:

Saag (Spinach) Chicken and Potatoes

A very yummy and nutritious dish that goes great with hot rice/bread

Masoor dal stew (brown lentil soup)

Very low fat, Easy, one pot preparation, no need for pressure cooking the lentils.. Eat as is or with roti

Masoor dal stew (brown lentil soup)

Very low fat, Easy, one pot preparation, no need for pressure cooking the lentils.. Eat as is or with roti

Flourless chocolate oat muffins

Pinterest recipe

Flourless chocolate oat muffins

Pinteresr recipe

Indian Dill with Lentils (Shepu chi bhaji)

Fresh tasting, nutritious, low calorie dish that goes very well with indian bread

Low-Carb "Spaghetti" with Ground Turkey sauce

Easy ground turkey sauce along with beautifully roasted spaghetti squash makes a perfect guilt-free low-carb Italian dinner!

Spicy Grilled Swordfish

Easy, quick dinner recipe that goes well with grilled veggies..

Rustic Indian Mutton/Lamb Curry

A rustic Indian 'Warli-Style'(a tribe in Maharashtra) flavorful and fragrant curry made with lean mutton (substitute with lamb).

Indian Chickpea-Vegetable Salad

A healthy, light dinner/salad with an Indian twist! made with leftover veggies !! great for a summers.. a version of this is often sold as street food in India!

Quick Stir Fry Fish and Veggies

Quick, fragrant Asian style healthy dinner

Red Swiss Chard Bhaji

simple, sauteed Indian style red chard

Mushroom Masala

Yummy mushroom curry that goes well with basmati rice/chapati

Orzo Chicken

A quick recipe for dinner

Very Good (1 rating)
Kobichi bhaji

simple cabbage stir fry

Green peas bhaji

ultra simple stir fry for a quick lunch

Mom's Daal

Tomato, onion daal...Easy and healthy comfort food. can be eaten with rice or roti or even as a snack.

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Roti / Chapati / Phulka

nutritious, unleavened Indian bread for everyday meals. Can be eaten with dals, beans, vegetables, pickle or raita, jam, chutneys, curries, ghee.

kasoori chicken

pakistani dish by chef sara riaz


Healthy and quick cream of wheat breakfast with tomatoes and green peas

Chicken Hirva Rassa (green curry)

Hot and Spicy chicken curry with yogurt, coconut and onions.. typically eaten with thick plain white bread or short grain white rice on a Sunday afternoon... serve with solkadi or spiced buttermilk and raw onions marinated in lime juice and salt..

you can substitute chicken with mutton/lamb pieces...

Healthy California Omelette

Super creamy, quick and healthy omelette with tomato, avocado, green onions and fat-free yogurt

Quinoa with Vegetables

Garlic and Ginger roasted veggies with pepper and thyme tossed with Quinoa,

Jawla (Spicy Dried Prawns)

tangy, spicy pungent prawns as a lunch item, served with roti

green beans, potato and onion

indian veggie stir fry dish eaten with roti

Dal Tadka

yummy dal to be eaten with basmati rice or roti

Dry Garlic chutney

spicy, garlicky chutney can be eaten with roti / chapati or dosa

Easy Veg Fried Rice

Very easy basic fried rice with leftover rice, garlic, soy sauce and vegetables in your freezer.

Palak Paneer (Tofu)

spicy and creamy spinach curry with cottage cheese (adapted from )

banana brown sugar breakfast oatmeal

i cannot finish 1/2 cup oatmeal...1/3rd cup is a good amount fr me, especially with a flavorful fruit like banana... brown sugar and vanilla go excellentl with this,....

Spicy vegetarian chili with lots of veggies

a simple chili recipe to be made in a large batch for freezing . lots of veggies and spices.. I did not use broth since I din't have any... feel free to tweak the spice amount as you like.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Spicy chicken spaghetti with sun dried tomatoes and garlic

Hot and tangy sauce with a bold garlic and sun dried tomato flavor with tender chicken breast and spaghetti. Adapted from Chef Meg's Linguine with spicy shrimp sauce recipe.

Veg Pulao with more veggies and less rice

spicy rice dish, with lots of veggies, very filling, 1/2 cup of basmati rice will almost triple in size!! serve for low fat yogurt for some protein.

Sauteed green beans with garlic and parsley

tender-crisp green beans good as a side dish , tastes awesome with anything !!! serve with white rice and hard-boiled eggs sprinkled with pepper,salt and dill

Orange Masoor dal (Orange lentil dal)

simple, yummy garlicy dal can be eaten with rice or chapati. or as soup if you like!!

Creamy basil omelette

a creamy, delicious omelette with roma tomato, black olives and garlic ... mmmmm !!

chicken handi

creamy chicken curry

Indian red yam breakfast (Ratalyacha kis)

quick , spicy and simple healthy breakfast

Moong dal Khichadi (Indian Lentil-Rice comfort food)

a very yummy sunday-night hot meal of rice and lentils. served with yogurt and lemon pickle or spiced buttermilk

(the nutritional info shows info for 3 cups COOKED rice and 2 cups COOKED moong dal - which is the amount you get when you start with 1 cup basmati rice and 1/2 cup dal but cook it with a lot of water to get a thick porridge like consistency)

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Rice, Beans and Lentils
Lentils, dals, biryanis, pulao, khichadis, soups, etc
Non-vegetarian dishes
Mostly chicken, fish, shrimp and mutton - spicy!!
Easy Dinners!!
Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays
Wraps, Sandwiches and more
Spark recipes - easy entrees
Low carb!