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Recipes I've Shared:

Stir Fried Bok Choy

Simple, healthy vegetable side dish to go with Instant Pot Ginger Garlic drumsticks.

Instant Pot Applesauce

Really Quick, Really easy, no sugar recipe

Tuna Mac 2019

I used to make this drowning in mayonnaise with no veggies. Now I put in plenty of chopped fresh vegetables and use just a couple of tbs of mayo for 2 servings. Sometimes I use greek yogurt in place of some of the mayo.

Sauteed Onions & Mushrooms

Wanted a sauce to serve with spinach, mozzarella ravioli. Couldn't find one, so I tossed mushrooms, onions and spinach with garlic, white wine, salt & pepper and cooked them up until golden brown. It went well with the ravioli

Baked tuna Cakes

Adapted this from a recipe by Jonathan Johnson, on All Recipes.

Shrimp Scampi in the Instant Pot

Wanted a quick easy shrimp dish in the instant pot and this was it.

Shrimp Scampi

Needed something light to serve with Trader Joe's Porcini and truffle tiangolo (Triangle shaped Ravioli)

vegitarian pepper sauce

Mix of veggies to serve with vegitarian sausage and tortelini.

Tuna and Avocado salad

I love Avocado and am trying to eat less mayonnaise. So I tried this switch and we love it.

Easy Pasta Prima

Needed something quick and easy to go with Mediterranean Grilled Tuna recipe I was trying.This is what I came up with using what I had in the house

Tortellini and Shrimp Salad

I needed something I could serve chilled. This was a compilation of ingredients I saw in different recipes and what I had in the house.

"Remoulade Sauce"

Not wanting to do a tartar sauce, I was looking for something else that would compliment the crabcakes. So I thought I would combine a little Mayo with cocktail sauce. It made a very nice, sauce with which to eat the crabcake.

Arugula veg saute

Vegetable mix sauteed in cast iron pan great for egg, pilafs, I make it on weekends and can use it during the week.

Off the Top Chicken Broth

I needed and wanted a quick chicken soup recipe that could be a main dish for dinner. This is what I did:

Light Tuna Salad

My go to tuna salad recipe. Only way its changed is that I now add fat free greek yogurt, in place of some of the mayonaise.

Sunday Morning Veggie Saute

Great on omelets or Pilafs

Sausage & Peppers

This is light and tasty. Serve over pasta, or Spaghetti Squash.

Low Fat creamy Pepercorn Dressing

Original recipe called for a half cup each of sour cream and mayonnaise. I lightened it by using fat free greek yogurt to replace Sour cream and half the mayo. Used 1/4 cup mayo instead of half a cup

Mixed Summer Berries

I buy and use berries of all kinds all season and love to mix them up to use on oatmeal with yogurt, or on French Toast or just plain as a go to snack.

Single Serve Trail Mix

Healthy, nutty, chocolatey trail mix.

Vegetable Frittata

This was made with vegetables that I always have in my kitchen. It is quick and easy to prep. Tasty too.

Sweet and sour Beef Cabbage Soup

This is based on an old family recipe. Even my husband who would never eat cabbage anything loved it.

Sweet and sour Beef Cabbage Soup

This is based on an old family recipe. Even my husband who would never eat cabbage anything loved it.

Morning Veggie Saute

I make this at least once a week, and put it into omelets, or in grain pilafs. It lasts in the fridge for several days.

Turkey "Fricasee"

This started out to be chicken fricassee, but because I defrosted the wrong thing, it became Turkey Fricassee


This is my recipe for Peppers, Onion & Mushrooms, which I make frequently and use on eggs, pilafs and even hot sandwiches.

Sauteed Vegetables

Saute a mix of vegetables for use in omelets, pilafs, sandwiches

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