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Spiced Protein Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins

JOJOMKE's versatile muffin mix with added spice and protein.

Chris's Vegan Lentil Burgers

The calories/servings on DENIBREITENBACH's vegan lentil burgers never come out right for me. This is how mine turned out. 12 half cup servings formed in to patties.

Stupid Easy Vegetarian Chili

At my house, chili is what we eat when we don't know what to eat and it turns out a little different each time. This is the most basic combination but feel free to add any additional vegetables -- mushrooms, carrots, finely diced squashes - they're all welcome. This basic combination is called: I'm so sick of the kid getting grounded and I don't want to deal with cooking at all chili.

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Better Frozen Veggies

We eat a lot of frozen veggies at our house because they're cheap and they store well but they don't always taste great. This is how I cook them so that they do.

Vegan Roasted Beet and Potato Borscht

From "Dinner Tonight" feature, made vegan for my beet-loving vegan home.

Bryant Terry's Citrus Collards

Vegan Soul Kitchen is a fantastic cookbook full of things with intimidating names: this recipe is called "Citrus Collards with Raisin Redux". The food, though, makes my soul food loving girlfriend very very happy. We sub cranberries for raisins in this recipe because I hate raisins and we find that for us, it serves three -- her and I and my packed dinner for work. We eat it with Bodega Beans for a healthy and filling mix of north and south.

Bodega Beans (From CheapHealthyGood)'s recipe for an easy dinner that I've added a few spices and cut the oil on.

Blow Your Wad Trail Mix

I hate raisins in nearly every form so I made this trail mix with dried blueberries. Unfortunately bulk dried blueberries at my local market are $13/lb. Thus the name.

Vegetarian "Fresh Mixer" Rotini & Sauce

I like Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers a lot but as a vegetarian, the choices are limited and low on protein and at $3/each, they weren't exactly budget friendly especially if I had to add my own protein. SO I made my own -- and it was delicious so I am giving you all the recipe. Authors Note: This is not a low sodium food. Fresh tomatoes could really bring down the salt content but I was throwing it together before work.

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