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Sun Butter Zucchini Cookies

because Patch wanted peanut butter cookies and we were out of peanut butter, but had zucchini I needed to use up, these were born:

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Italian Crunch Crackers

Inspired by Abeeba the Krazy Kracker lady on you tube and I decided to try mixing up some crazy crackers of my own. I created this recipe because I'm allergic to carrots which so many people put into crackers. So I replaced them with the parsnip and beet combo and I like it! These go in the dehydrator, but if you do not have one, you can make them on a silicone baking mat or on any glass bake ware in your oven at the lowest temp you can set it. If you wish to make them the "RAW Foodist" way and do not have a dehydrator, then use tin foil crumpled up and placed in the side of the oven door to prop it open about an inch, to let some of the heat out. This will definitely use more energy. The idea being, if the food is prepared below 118 degrees, it's nutrients will remain intact and at their most digestible state so your body can use it most easily (in my understanding) I have also cooked them at 170, the lowest my oven will go, and they are delicious, but not quite as flavorful as in the dehydrator.

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Quick Strawberry Chia Seed Pudding

this has a light strawberry flavor with a cinnamon kick and a texture similar to tapioca pudding

Cheesy Sweet Pepper Crisps

inspired by the Krazy Kracker Lady on youtube, and having an abundance of baby sweet peppers needing to be used or preserved, I decided to make them into chips or crackers but did not want to wait 12-24 hours and do not currently have a working dehydrator... this is what resulted and is equally good on thinly sliced onion rings as it is in crisp form

Vegan Chili Take 2 - Crockpot version

thought I'd try a recipe with less beans, replaced with sprouted wheat berries and sprouted lentils

Cookie Dough Dip

Got this idea from Pinterest, altered the recipe to be lower in carbs and

Pumpkin Coconut Curry Soup

I have been craving pumpkin, and saw a recipe for apple curry soup recently, and thought hmmm I don't have any apples but what about pumpkin coconut curry soup? That sounds delicious to me! I also made a coconut macademia nut crunch to sprinkle over the top

Coconut Macadamia Nut Crumbles

A refreshing crunchy topping great on ice creams like mango, pineapple, vanilla or even chocolate, and on some soups

Spinach and Parsley Salad over Zucchini "pasta"

a yummy and filling snack I came up with to make sure I got enough vegetables in my day

Chili, Mild Vegan

This smelled so good while it was cooking that we didn't want to wait any longer and ate it for lunch rather than dinner. Be sure to stir the chili occasionally while it's cooking. If you want to cook this a bit faster, slice the sweet potato and bake as fries instead of putting them in the chili, or cook for 5 minutes in the microwave on high, then chop and add to chili

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Vegetable soup with tortalini

We used the whole wheat 3 cheese tortalini, but use whatever tortalini you want

Chicken Stir Fry with a Kick

This had a nice little kick to it. Not overly spicy, all the flavors came through. It would probably also be good with peanut oil instead of sesame.

Chicken Salad with Orange Cumin Dressing

I made this as an individual lunch for myself when I was really hungry, then realized it was really enough for 2 people. Next time I might add some black beans. Photo coming soon.

Avocado, Jicama, Orange Salad - Raw, Vegan

This would be nice for a picnic, but if you are taking it for a picnic, I recommend taking the Avocado with you and slicing it there, last minute then pouring the salad and dressing over it. We have a favorite balsamic vinegar made with pears and cinnamon that we use only for special occasions or when wanting a certain flavor. I thought it would go wonderfully with this salad. There are such a wide variety of balsamics out there, I recommend you give them a try!

Jelly in the middle Muffins - Vegan, whole wheat

These are delicious and fluffy! We used a variety of locally produced jellies and preserves in ours, some of which are low sugar, and all of which have been good

Raw Dark Chocolate Avacado Pudding

This recipe is so yummy! I couldn't even taste the avacado. The most important part is to blend it all together well. I found that serving it up in smaller amounts and using it as a fruit dip is SUPER Yummy. You can also add hot pepper to it for a spicy chocolate treat

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Raw Dark Chocolate Avacado Pudding

This recipe is so yummy! I couldn't even taste the avacado. The most important part is to blend it all together well. I found that serving it up in smaller amounts and using it as a fruit dip is SUPER Yummy. You can also add hot pepper to it for a spicy chocolate treat

Zucchini Sweet Potato Pancakes

These remind me of the potato latkes my mom made when I was a kid. They're a hearty low carb alternative tho. Very savory, not a sweet pancake at all. And when cooked they look a bit like a combination between hashbrowns and a pancake.

MAKEOVER: Almond Zucchini Brownies (by SMBRYCE1)

A friend recommended Fast Paleo Zucchini Brownies but they have some things I'm allergic to so I altered the recipe slightly. They smell delicious but are still baking. Photo to come

Almond Zucchini Brownies

A friend recommended Fast Paleo Zucchini Brownies but they have some things I'm allergic to so I altered the recipe slightly. They smell delicious but are still baking. Photo to come

Onion Taternips

We decided to mix up the usual quick and easy fingerling potatoes Patch makes by adding parsnips to the mix, and it is worth sharing. I don't think we'll ever make these without parsnips again. SO GOOD!

Apple Turkey Burgers

Could also use this recipe for a sort of breakfast sausage patty tho I would make the patties 1/2 as big in that case

A Veggie Adventure

Today I hung out with Milo. He's a vegan and we love cooking together in the kitchen. We happened to have eggplant from the neighbor's garden and a banana pepper from mine, so we got creative! Milo had his without cheese because he's vegan. I added cheese to mine because I'm not, and we both had it over a Quinoa and flax porridge. DELICIOUS

Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are delicious whether you are allergic to eggs or not (but if you are, try these and let me know what you think)

coffee cake, whole wheat

EGG FREE! (I'm allergic to eggs so you'll notice since I discovered this all my recipes are egg free) In this recipe I used guar gum mixed with olive oil to replace the egg

You can replace with your favorite berries, and you may want to use more, we only had a 1/2 cup of blueberries available today and I really wanted to have blueberries on my coffee cake. I found that whole wheat flour can be very heavy so I use a 1/4 cup brown rice flour mixed in which lightens things up a bit

Citrus Whole Wheat and Oatmeal Cookies

These are just as good made with a diabetic friendly butter replacement and replacing 1/2 the sugar with your favorite sugar replacement.

I didn't have agave nectar like I used last time, so I used pinneapple juice. They're tasty, but I think I liked them a bit better with just the orange without the pinneapple flavor added. So if you use a quarter cup agave nectar instead of the pinneapple that is a delicious recipe as well. I make my own pear sauce by blending 1 can of pears with 1/2 the pear juice from the can. Save the leftover pear juice for sugar replacement in other recipes

Whole wheat, coconut raisin bread

hearty egg free bread with a hint of sweetness from the raisens. Dates would also be delicious in this and add to the sweetness if you like

Orange Persimmon Cheesecake

low sugar dessert. And for a cheesecake it's lower fat as well. I think it would be really good on a gluten-free crust, but this is a crustless version

Peach Granola

I'm allergic to honey, so this is my attempt at granola without honey. Turned out pretty tastey and great on yogurt!

tomato and bell pepper soup

A fresh way to get in your vegetables. Chock full of vitamin c. Can be eaten cold or hot

Mixed Berry Orange Scones

Tastey whole wheat scones, high in protein and fiber!

Bison Stew (simple but savory) low carb

Savory stew that is good if you're unable to have potatoes or eating a low carb diet. I would have preferred a couple sweet potatoes and some onion added in, but we didn't have any. Patch and Carlie put potato in theirs. Obviously many variations are possible.

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Spinach, tomato and basil salad

A quick and easy salad with italian flavors. This went great with the italian sausage dish we had for dinner. I sprinkled a little balsamic vinegar over it, and put chopped walnuts on Patch and Carlie's servings for some added crunch, and healthy fat

Italian Sausage and Peppers

Carlie made this for dinner tonight. We ate this with a fresh basil and spinach salad I made to go with it. Good stuff! Really hit the spot. Carlie and Patch had 2 servings each. Works well for a low carb, high protein meal but isn't low fat.

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Basa with walnuts - lower carbs

This dish is high in omega 3's. Basa is a white fish I had never tried, but it was recommended to me by the butcher and I'm always interested in trying new fish since it is high in nutrients that my body needs. It is inspired by a recipe they had at the store, but their recipe was high in carbs as it included rice. Another mad scientist adventure in kitchen witchery. In the original dish the walnuts and parsley were mixed in with rice cooked in chicken stock.

Saute Vegetable Side Dish

This was just one of those times you grab a few things you have in the fridge and throw it together. Turned out that we really enjoyed it, so thought I'd share the recipe

Pumpkin Puree Soup

Slightly spicy, pumpkin soup. I had some organic french onion soup in the fridge but wanted pumpkin soup and didn't have chicken broth so gave this a shot. It turned out good. I think next time I'll use twice the sage and 1/2 the curry powder because I love sage. The perfect way to use up those leftover pumpkins after Halloween when you're feeling like something autumnal.

Cinnamon Pumpkin Seeds

Just an idea for what to do with the pumpkin seeds we cleaned out of our jackolantern. Slightly sweet, slightly salty and crunchy, these are a perfect snack when I'm craving something I shouldn't have

We carved 4 jack-o-lanterns this year so we have a lot of pumpkin seeds. After we scooped them out we rinsed them and put them in water to help rinse off the extra pumpkin guts. I haven't put salt in there because I prefer having options for the flavor of my pumpkin seeds.

Strawberry Lime Smoothie

tart and creamy cool high protein drink using trader joe's fat free greek style yogurt

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Italian Cod (low carbs)

Edited the recipe a bit 10/30/10 - This recipe can be made with any white fish. Initially it was made with 4 tablespoons progresso bread crumbs but I switch those with ground almonds and herms to reduce carbs

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Roasted Corn Chowder - slow cooker

Felt like a fall soup, and although the original recipe had things I'm allergic to in it, I replaced them and added some pumpkin puree to the broth. Turns out delicious

Cheesy Yogurt Fruit Dip

1/2 cup of any fresh berries would be great blended into this, I happened to have raspberries. Makes a lovely creamy cheesy fruit dip. Super easy to make in a jiffy if friends stop by and you want something nice to serve them! Serve with slices of fruit.

PB&J Smoothie

This is delicious and helps me meet my protein and fat goals, plus it has that taste that reminds me of my favorite sandwiches growing up, PB&J made with strawberry preserves. YUM Make sure the peanut butter is gluten free and you've got a delicous gluten free snack without all the gluten found in the usual PB&J. If you're lactose intolerant try unsweetened almond milk. It works well with the peanut butter taste!

No Bake Low Carb Upside Down Cheesecake

This was thrown together on a cooking night when a friend came over to try a couple of new recipes. We love the idea of low carb cheesecake and decided to mix it up a bit. She said it was "blueberry yumcake" Obviously you could substitute your favorite fresh fruit and you might not want as much cinnamon or to put the cinnamon in the crust instead of in the cheesecake.


Italian Flavored Beans and Cauliflower

I used low sodium chicken broth because it was all I had it on hand and I'm not a vegetarian, but for vegetarians substitute veggie broth and you're good to go! If you make sure the broth is gluten free I believe it's gluten free as well tho I'm not an expert so make sure you check

Citrus Swordfish

baked swordfish. People say it's like the steak of fish, and I didn't understand that until tonight. It's a solid meal!

This goes great with my Italian Flavored Beans and Cauliflower recipe

Mild Bison Chili

a meat based chili. Not very hot at all, slightly sweet and slightly spicy, but not hot.

Slow Cooked Sweet Bison Stew

I used ground bison in this so if you use full slices of meat just cut them into 1 inch cubes and follow the recipe from there

Smooth Sweet Potato Soup

This is a light and refreshing sweet potato soup with cucumber

Coconut Mango Smoothie

most people's smoothies include a banana which is one of the fruits highest in sugar, and is like acid on a throat after surgery. Here it's just coconut milk for the fat, frozen mango for flavor and whey protein. Enjoy!

Coconut Berry Smoothie

Quick and easy sweet meal in a cup. Created after my tonsillectomy had healed enough that I could swallow the seeds from berries.

good fat from the coconut milk, antioxidents from the berries, and whey protein

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Pink Pear Smoothie

Another smoothie great for when you've got a sore throat
I ran a bunch of fruits and vegetables through the juicer, saved the juice into individual containers and keep them in the fridge to be mixed into soups and smoothies later

Lemony Crusted Polenta Rounds

Breaded polenta lightly fried in lemon olive oil

Sweet Green Juice

Apple Juice was too harsh on my throat postop, and most of the juicer recipes use apples or carrots as a sweetner, so we shifted this recipe for alcheline green juice by replacing carrots with a pear.

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Due to my allergies you won't find eggs, carrots, watermelon, squash or broccoli here. What you will find, are drinks and soups which are meant to be delicious, low acidity, nutritious and easy on your throat without too much sugar.
Eggless Desserts
recipes in which I've replaced the eggs in some way so my allergies won't be triggered
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