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Creamy Turkey Pasta

This was just something I whipped up. This also goes great with cornbread and a dinner salad. Bon Appetite.

The calorie count for this is 600 but you can serve 4 oz to cut the calorie count in half with a small slice of low cal/low fat sweet cornbread.

White Whole Wheat Pancakes

Sweet Potatoes will take the place of oil and butter. To cut down on sugar I've replaced it with light brown sugar you use less to keep the sweetness.

A Berry Pineapply Drink

This drink is really good. My teenage daughter and her friend really liked it and didn't even realize there was spinach in it. Great if you want to hide veggies from the kiddos.

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Buffalo Chicken Salad

Another great recipe from "Cook Yourself Thin"

Quick Cole Slaw

This is a great recipe from anyone who has watched the Lifetime show "Cook Yourself Thin" Also, great on a tuna sandwich.

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