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Recipes I've Shared:

Light Gluten free, dairy free, chocolate sponge cake

Another version of a gluten free cake using a small amount of chickpea flour and eggs as a bulking agent.

Quinoa seed bread

Original recipe came from: Quinoa Seed Bread

Since I did not have pumpkin or sunflower seeds, I doubled the sesame seeds.

Red Berrie protein smoothie

To prevent boredom, I keep trying out combos for protein smoothies.

Spiced coconut lentil soup

This is NOT my own recipe, but wanted to know the nutritional info about it. Plus, it is a terrific soup and worthy of sharing.

The recipe comes from:

Black bean, bacon, and lentil burritos

I love lentils and beans and wanted to make a high protein burrito filling. This was my experiment and we were pleased.
They are quite filling!

Spicy Black bean and lentil burgers

Higher protein for meatless Mondays. This is my first experiment with making lentil burgers of any kind.

No-bake peanut butter protein balls

Little protein boost in a tiny, tasty ball.

Banana protein pudding

Experiment in making a tasty protein pudding

Strawberry baked oatmeal

The original recipe came from someone else and used blueberries. I only had strawberries, but they worked a treat!

Quinoa pizza bites

Got the original recipe from

I made them in normal muffin pans and had to increase the cooking time to 30 minutes. Great site for little bites!

Susan's Mango protein muffins

Experimenting with baking using whey protein powder.

Sugar-Free Blueberry sauce

I use this on top of pancakes, but would be great in yogurt and other dishes. Also, you could use whatever berry that you have or like.

Fluffy protein pancakes

Fluffy pancakes with a higher level of protein.

Hot cocoa (high protein)

Extra protein and no sugar for a warm cup of cocoa

Healthier brownie recipe #1

This is a low-fat, sugar-free recipe for a good chocolate fix. This is my first attempt at this particular recipe.

Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothie #1

First attempt at a high protein smoothie with plenty of vitamins. Personally, I like it better without the ice as a smoothie.

Susan's Cajun bulgar dish

This dish makes a nice salad for a lunch or a good side dish for dinner.

Susan's crockpot beef stew for a crowd

This is a dish I throw into the crockpot for a crowd. Lots of veggies and easy to make

Moist yellow cake

This is a terrific, special occasion cake with an incredible texture. If tightly wrapped in cling-film, they can be kept in the fridge for 2 weeks. They also freeze well and makes terrific cupcakes too.

This recipe does require a great deal of mixing which can not be skipped or shortened. It is well worth the effort though and easy in a stand mixer.

Susan's fat-free blueberry muffins

Healthy blueberry muffins with lots of fiber! With just under 100 calories each, they are a guilt-free pleasure. :)

White chocolate Ganache icing

Really for a special occasion cake or as a truffle filling with a bit of liquour

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Low-calorie desserts
Fruity side dishes
Foods for a crowd
Whole grain dishes
Bypass friendly recipes
Pouch friendly recipes.
High protein desserts
High protein, but low-sugar desserts which are bypass friendly.
Protein bars, granola bars, etc.
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