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Teriyaki noodles, broccoli, and shrimp

Quick and Easy dinner or lunch

sauteed veggies and spinach muffin tin omelettes

substitute any vegetables, add cheese or meat

banana cocoa almond muffins

makes 12 regular or 36 mini muffins

black beans (vegetarian)

note: you can saute' veggies in olive oil or broth before adding to beans

stuffed cabbage

I use an 11x9 glass pyrex baking dish

add crushed red pepper flakes for a pop of flavor an spice

great appetizers or main course

white bean & chicken chili


use white pepper if you don't want to see black pepper flakes in chili

add additional heat by adding extra green chilies, cayenne pepper or crushed red pepper flakes

top with diced onions, shredded cheese, sour cream
serve with crackers,cornbread, or tortilla chips

vegetarian navy bean soup

I put all veggies in food processor and pulverize, makes a natural thickener for soup

omit olive oil and steam veggies or just add them to beans for less fat

I add 1/4 tsp ground cumin for a smoky flavor
(substitutes for the smoky flavor you're missing from not using smoke meat)

I used 8 cups of water for this recipe

unfried grilled cheese

excellent quick snack alone or along side soup or salad

use any 2% cheese

burrito style chicken enchiladas

I used dark chicken for added flavor, but white is just as good and cuts down a little on calories

I used red bell peppers for added color, but any color does fine

add 1/4 cup frozen corn and or black beans

leave out chicken and make vegetarian

use corn or flour tortillas

season to taste (I don't use any additional seasoning as sauce and peppers have enough for my tasted buds)

make head:
freezes well, don't add cheese on top, let cool and freeze til ready to use. remove from freezer and prepare as usual

chicken, pasta & veggie soup


use any small dry pasta

use any canned or leftover beans

add 1/2 cup fresh spinach to bottom of serving bowl just before adding soup for an extra veggie boost

add hotsauce, cayenne pepper or pepper flakes for a little spice

replace frozen peas & carrots and potatoes with a 12 oz bag of frozen mixed veggies

replace chicken with one cooked turkey italian sausage (skin removed) and pinto beans with white beans and add 2 cups spinach for a great version of pasta fagoli or italian wedding soup (calories will not change much)

fried green tomatoes

season to taste: I like to add 1/4 tsp each; onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, lemon pepper & black pepper
2 slices per serving

salmon patties (spicy) (118 cal)

use preferred seasonings, serve hot or at room temp.

turkey burger patty melt (top notch)

*top notch is a hometown favorite burger restaurant
this is for caloric count only

you can make your own healthy version of this by using lean ground turkey and 2% or fat free cheese

cherry orange smoothie

add water to make thinner

veggies in tomato sauce

tips: for flavor enhancement

try adding any of the following:
sea salt
black pepper
lemon pepper
italian seasoning flakes
oregano flakes

cocunut smoothie

add 1/4 cup fresh, frozen on canned pineapple to make pina colada smoothie

egg white & turkey bacon breakfast sandwich

add fresh garlic or garlic powder to egg whites while cooking

also if you spray pan with non-stick spray and add egg whites to cool pan, cook on med for 1-2 minutes (leave them alone) , turn over and turn heat off (leave in pan til ready to serve) they will come out perfect every time

(try spreading mustard on bread for a punch of flavor)

add seasoning to taste ( I don't salt because bacon has enough)

tuna caesar salad

tip: keep canned tuna refrigerated til ready to use for salads

spinach & cheese sandwich

I created this sandwich at work for a quick lunch w/the use of a toaster and microwave

use cheese of your liking

great hot or cold

canned chicken salad

add or eliminate any spices to your liking

excellent on crackers, bread, toast, or wraps

Very Good (1 rating)
low fat quick cornbread

bread comes out fine w/o butter also

Incredible! (1 rating)
black pepper, sea salt, & garlic popcorn

great to-go snack
keeps for a couple of weeks

add or delete any flavorings you desire

wonderful with:
cayenne pepper
ground ginger
onion powder
grated parmesan cheese
regular or cheese flavored Molly McButter

spicy creole style seafood stew

great served over brown rice or whole wheat pasta
add grated parm cheese
add more or less spices and seasonings to taste
add fresh or dried herbs with seasonings
use seafood or your choice
add frozen peas

I use no salt added products when ever possible to control the sodium content

quick tuna salad

add any seasonings you like

navy beans and smoked turkey sausage soup

add more or less water as desired

split peas & smoked turkey sausage soup

use more or less water for desired thickness

chicken & lettuce wraps

a light and refreshing snack, meal or lunch
great alone or along side chips or soup

use all miracle whip lite if you like a sweet taste
use 1 tsp lite or fat free mayo & 1/2 tsp miracle whip lite for gently sweet taste
use all lite or fat free mayo if you like a slightly tart taste

add more veggies or some cheese for a more substantial wrap

replace mayo and celery salt for fat free caesar dressing and parmesan cheese for a caesar wrap

use any left over baked, boiled, broiled, roasted , grilled or canned chicken,

sugar free mini cupcakes

adding 1/2 tsp pillsbury sugar free fudge frosting to each cupcake

tips; frost individually when ready to serve
adds the approximate following to each:

veggie BLT

great served alone or along side vegetarian soup or veggie chips for a complete vegetarian meal

use as much or as little of your favorite lettuce and tomatoes
add 2% cheese or hot peppers

quick vegetarian chili (you'll never miss the meat)

makes a quick last minute lunch or dinner

tips: use any can beans
for less sodium, rinse and drain (add some tomato sauce)
use any type of meatless patty

grilled cheese lite butter

add fresh veggies like spinach, mushrooms or roasted peppers, lean meats, sliced hot peppers, etc. btwn cheeses for a complete meal

sauceless faux sausage pizza

add any additions to pizza before baking

faux buttermilk

I don't buy buttermilk anymore
this is a great substitute when it's not available

I use powered milk because I always have it on hand,
but you can use any milk you have on hand

zuchini lasagna


add your favorite seasonings to tomato sauce
I add 1/4 tsp each crushed red pepper flakes, oregano, parsley & thyme right to the 8 oz can
1/2 tsp each garlic and onion powder

*I bake in 2 mini loaf pans and separate into 4 servings by cutting in half after cooking

Incredible! (3 ratings)
spinach & mushroom egg white omelet

makes a great wrap also
scramble all ingredients except cheese
place on your favorite tortilla, top with cheese, wrap & serve

oven fried green tomatoes

serve with your favorite dipping sauce or alone

Incredible! (1 rating)
smothered potatoes & onions

*flavor boosters: salt & pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, cilantro

sweet tea made with splenda

great and fast in a iced tea maker (ready to drink in 10 minutes)
great with flavored teas
adjust sweetness to your liking

parmesan asparagus & onion tart

slice into 16 for appetizer size portions - 98.3 calories each

or prepare in a square baking dish and cut into 9 pcs. - 174.8 calories each (18 bite size appetizer portions - 87.4 calories each)

strawberry banana smoothie

**add sweetener if fruit not sweet enough**

freeze half for a great snack

fresh turkey wheat spaghetti

great alone or with side salad and or garlic toast

cilantro lime rice

quick fix for left over rice

potato and broccoli pancakes

substitute 8 oz frozen shredded potatoes
(remove excess moisture)

add 2% shredded cheese, different vegetables, cooked & crumbled turkey bacon, etc.

variations are endless

(caloric count will be slightly higher)

*for appetizers, double recipe and make smaller pancakes*

baked sweet potato fries

great side dish,
serve alone or with ketchup or dipping sauce

buffalo chicken dip

makes 20 (1oz) servings
serve with celery, tortilla chips, or crackers

*caloric count will be slightly different if you use blue cheese dressing, my count is using ranch*

braised balsamic chicken

to plate:
place chicken on plate and top with tomato & onion mixture

cooca (low lowfat sugar free)

add additional cocoa for richer flavor

3 bean turkey chili

* sodium count will be less because of rinsing beans
makes 12 (1) cup servings

low fat simple hot water corn bread

can add a pinch of salt & splenda if you like more flavor

barbque turkey necks

great on the grill also
adding sauce will change caloric count, but taste great!

low fat turkey meatloaf

if you like it saucy, add gravy, ketchup, steak sauce, tomato sauce or paste to top while setting up for last 10-15 minutes
if you like it firmer, add 1/4 cup bread crumbs to egg white mixture
caloric count will change slightly

chicken caesar flatbread wrap

for heartier wrap, add 1/4 wheat pasta
(optional: add onions, bell peppers and hot peppers)

red swiss chard

excellent source of vitamins

lowfat wheat mac n cheese

for creamier version; double all ingredients except pasta

mashed potato topped turkey potpie

salt & pepper to taste, I don't use any due to soup addition
use pie pan or square baking dish
could be considered a turkey shepherds pie
replace turkey with chicken
add potatoes to mixture and skip mashed potato topping
add cheese

tamale pie

for a heartier pie, add 1 can of black beans and or 1 cup cooked brown or white rice

you can also pour half of corn muffin mix in bottom of pan first, then complete steps as instructed

great alone or with a side salad

asparagas & wheat pasta

olive oil provides richer flavor, to save calories, omit & use I can't brlive it's not butter lite or fat free
(optional - for added flavor, add 1 tsp. grated lemon or lime peel)

pastry free chicken pot pie

(for calorie count only)

turkey chorizo patty melts

can make patties ahead of time and freeze individually for a timesaver

great for lunch or dinner with ketchup and served along a side of baked sweet potato fries or tossed salad

chicken fajitas

great for lunch or dinner

fresh turkey breakfast sausage breakfast sandwich

makes a great breakfast sanwich to go
after cooling, wrap individually and freeze
remove wrapping and microwave to serve

add red pepper flakes to add some spice

chocolate mousse tarts

great party dessert
for less calories, use fat free cream cheese, reduced fat crusts and reduced fat sweetened condensed milk

sauteed chicken

great all on it's own or as a starter, try it on top of a salad, inside enchiladas, in chili, soup, quesadillas, tacos, (add buffalo wing or barbecue sauce and put on a roll) in a chicken pot pie, etc.

broccoli & cheese

great in a baked potato

chopped salad

add your favorite dressing, calories not included

dijon flounder

for crunchier fillets, combine 1/4 cup bread crumbs and 2 tbsp grated parmasean cheese with mustard & mayo before spreading on fillets, add spray and bake

quick oatmeal

make it to go by making several individual servings and placing them in a snack size ziplock baggie.
add more or less milk, splenda, brown sugar splenda, raisins, dried fruit. etc. (calories not included)

quick grits

quick and easy work meal

turkey ham, egg & pepperjack cheese breakfast sandwich

purchase an egg form
makes just the right, perfectly sized round eggs for english muffin sandwiches

spicy cilantro lime chicken black bean and corn soup

makes 6 healthy servings or 8 moderate servings
excellent with corn muffins, jalepeno cheddar corn bread, or tortilla chips and/or topped with low-fat sour cream or cheese

turkey bacon, grits, eggs w/cheese breakfast

tip: (grits on the go)
place quick grits, powder milk and molly mcbutter in snack size zip-lock bag or microwave-safe bowl with lid and pack it.
add water and microwave to serve

pecan pancakes

eat 2 and save 2 for later
if not eating in a couple days,
they freeze and microwave well

sweet and sour turkey meatballs

(can substitute splenda brown sugar for splenda and molasses)

skip toothpick step and just place in pan and serve as an entree over rice

(for that eye appeal, use colored bell peppers)

spanish style brown rice

tip: add 1/2 cup black beans and 1/2 lb cooked ground turkey (taco seasoned) for a main course

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