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Cashew Spinach Pesto

This recipe uses cashew nuts vice the traditional pinions. I entered it here to get an accurate accounting of the nutrients it contains. Serve over pasta and/or steamed vegetables.

Taco Surprise

I adapted this recipe from a kitchen gadget home show--for the life of me I can't recall the name. The original recipe serve a lot of the ingredients separate, and I had a hard time getting my kids to eat it; so I adapted and combined and viola, my whole family loves this recipe. You'll need a round pizza baking stone to make it.

Chicken Breast with Fine Vegetables

This is what in German one would call an Eintopf, because it's all made using a single pot. It's a recipe my mom used to make; and it passed down from her mom. She wrote it down for me years ago, and I just found it again in an old cookbook of mine. The taste of this dish is very rich. It is best served over German Spätzle or broad egg noodles; however, rice will do as well.

Cucumber Salad

This is a cucumber salad with fat-free dressing. It's my Mom's recipe--she adapted it after the Salat-Krönung seasoning packets came on the market; the packets are time savers and don't contain anything unhealthy. In using the packets, while I usually substitute the oil with water, in the case of cucumbers, I don't, because they contain enough water already. Makes about 8 servings. This salad goes well with salmon, or as a vegetarian meal, with boiled potatoes.

Mixed Bell Pepper Salad

This is a salad for bell pepper lovers. My Dad used to make this all the time and I could probably eat the entire bowl in one sitting. It tastes better if it is left to marinate in the refrigerator overnight. This makes about 8 servings and refrigerated keeps about 8 days.

Wild Rice, Chicken & Broccoli Medley

This is a single easy dish made in one pot with just five ingredients. The rice will turn the entire dish a bit dark, so it's best served in a ceramic bowl rather than a plate.

Green Smoothie (Spinach, Celery, Banana, Apple, Cherries, Jasmine Green Tea)

The amount in this smoothie makes two servings. Beware, it has a slight celery taste, so if you don't celery, substitute the celery with 2 cups of raw spinach.

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