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Chili With Chicken & Black-eyed Peas

All my recipes are gluten-free and for blood type O Non-Secretors. 6 servings. Canned tomato sauce and teaspoon of salt make this high in sodium; for those who need to avoid sodium, omit salt and use fresh tomatos. Canned mushrooms are drained and rinsed. Serve with gluten-free crackers or quinoa and fruit.

Pickled Daikon & Carrot Relish

A tart way to serve up vegetables.

Fruit Smoothie

This is a fruit smoothie I take on days I am fasting. The fruits are safe for Blood Type O Non-Secretors. I add psyllium to complete the full feeling I am looking for on days I am taking in fluids only.

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Deep Fried Cod

I like fried fish but I need to limit my fat. This fish is steamed and then coated and deep fried for only seconds to limit the fat intake but tastes the same as fried.

Sweet Potato Garlic Mash

Sweet potatoes are a staple for Blood Type O Non-Secretors. Boil them, mash them and add butter and garlic for a fancy take on this regular meal starch.

Trail Mix

1 oz of this Trail Mix is a serving. Blood type O friendly nuts (almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts) mixed with blood type O friendly dried fruit (pineapple, banana, craisins, mango, blueberries) mixed together. This is a fat laden snack great for traveling and quick meal when eaten with v-8 juice. Quantity eaten can be adjusted to consume fewer calories.

Liver & Onions

One of my old time favorites adjusted for my blood type (O Non-Secretor) and sans the gravy.

Stir Fry Burrito

Fresh vegetable stir fried and added to left over chuck roast and quinoa make a great filling for a flour tortilla. A nice hearty lunch.

Pot Roast Potato Soup

The vegetables are cooked in the same pot as a chuck roast and then creamed in an electric blender to make a tasty creamy warm soup. Substitution alert: use 64 oz. of beef stock instead of cooking vegetables with chuck roast for ease in preparation.

Molasses Sweet Potato Fries

I like sweet but am allergic to sugar and artificial sweeteners. The molasses is a great alternative to everyday sugar.

Chili with Chicken and Northern Beans

A tasty chilil recipe that introduces a gentle temporary spicey warmth to the tongue and a satisfying meal. All my recipes are gluten-free and for blood type O Non-Secretor. This recipe uses black beans and homemade beef stock.

Healing Juice

A juice recommended for healing emphysema.

Mostly Nut Trail Mix

I make this for my roommate who is diabetic. More nuts than fruit in order to limit sugar intake .I keep blood type O nuts on hand as well as blood type O Non-secretor dried fruit on hand. They make an excellent on-the-go fast food meal when combined with V-8 juice.

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Spinach Omelette #1

A hearty omelette for breakfast or dinner.

Mahi Mahi, breaded and fried w/hush puppies

Breaded mahi mahi breaded in gluten-free flour and fried in olive oil. Use the left over flour to make hush puppies.

Bread, Homemade, Gluten-free, O Non-Secretor

This is a gluten-free recipe for blood type O Non-Secretor people for use with the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme. There are many great gluten-free flours, including rice flour, unfortunately, I am allergic to rice. Therefore, millet flour is the best flour for baking for my blood type (O Non-Secretor). If one does NOT follow the blood type diet, the best gluten-free flours for baking are sorghum and garbanzo bean which make for a light fluffy bread. This bread is made with millet flour and is a heavier bread. It is nice to have a bread option for sandwhiches and toast. I am using a 3 grain flour blend now in my baked goods (millet, quinoa, kamut).

Pizza, Homemade gluten-free blood type O Non

Gluten-free pizza with sauce, cheese and hamburger. Even though this pizza has cheese, I will eat it occassionally in spite of my blood type O Non-Secretor status that requires me to avoid ALL cheese.

Crackers, Homemade Gluten-Free

These homemade crackers are made with a flour-mix consisting of millet, a grain high in magnesium and a wonderful alternative for people who are gluten-sensitive, and quinoa. They are customized for the blood type O Non-Secretor. For the purist, exchange pineapple juice for the milk.

Muffins Gluten-free O Non-Secretor

This is a high fat/high calorie muffin. To lower calories and fat, eat half a muffin for a serving. After several attempts at designing a gluten-free low fat muffin around my allergies, I have decided I would rather have a great tasting food rather than just a dry tasteless muffin with low calories and little fat. These muffins are dark because of the molasses and make me think chocolate even though they is no chocolate ingredient. I started with basic muffin recipe then I made substitutions for Celiac suffers and blood type O Non-Secretors diet requirements. For the purist blood type O Non-Secretor; simply substitute pineapple juice for the milk. The grated carrots used are the remains from juiced carrots; the stuff usually thrown away. What I call carrot meal.

Flour, Gluten-Free blend

A mix of gluten-free flours to enhance the baking experience. I used one bag each Bob's Red Mill millet & quinoa flours, 1 bag Arrowhead Mills millet flour, and one box Ancient Harvest quinoa flour.

Northern Beans

Gluten-free Blood type O Non-Secretor bean dish. 1 cup serving.

Salad Dressing Nov. 14, 2010

A dressing I put together with what oils I had on hand for my salads.

Turkey Meatloaf, gluten-free O Non-Secretor

Got a package of ground turkey in the kitchen? Here is a gluten-free recipe for the blood type O Non-Secretor. Makes a small loaf. This recipe can be doubled if needed.


Homemade guacamole using recipe for homemade salsa from Kamuela1. 2 Tblsp. serving.

Salsa, gluten-free, O Non-Secretor

A fresh homemade alternative to Amy's mild salsa. Gluten-free and blood type O Non-Secretor friendly.

Tuna salad with avocado

Love avocados? Here is another way to use them. Mash and mix with tuna for a tasty salad.

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