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wendyjohns Kale a Cab

homemade version of purblendz at the extreme pita restaurant

Juicy Protein Smoothie wendyjohn

Banana, juice and protein mixes. So simple. My son says it gives him quite a boost at work. So I tried it. Worked for me too.

Chia Tapioca protein mix wendyjohns

Uses tapioca flour as the thickener

Granola Bran Muffins wendyjohn alteration

Calories lower but carbs higher in this version. Potassium levels good for muscle strength.

Wendyjohn's hot egg english muffins

Variation on the hot wrap. Left out the salsa (had none) and milk, used less olives and added green pepper and sundried tomatoes.

Carrot, ginger and apricot soup

Delicious and creamy. My british mother in law found this recipe in Sainsbury's magazine of October 2006. Unfortunately, she had torn the pages out so I don't know who to give credit to. They added yogurt to theirs but I changed it to coconut milk. They also added sunflower and pumpkin seeds (toasted) on top of each bowl. I also added the healthy olive oil.

Fall Vegetable and Bean Soup variation wendyjohn

Found this recipe in a newspaper long time ago. In the last 15 minutes before serving can added any fresh green vegetable or frozen peas. I chose spinach this time. The Parmesan rind comes out just before eating. Can also add 1 cup of small pasta instead of the Quinoa.

Hot Garlic Spice Veggie Wraps

This was inspired by Sp_Stepf's Baked Veggie Burritos. It's the type of recipe that can be varied using different veggies and spices.

wendyjohn's Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

A tasty experiment with various flours. This time I used oat, quinoa, and whole wheat. I tried to add spelt flakes once but it wrecked the texture. Wasn't the spelt (2nd try) Makes a nice tea time snack. Tastes better without the Almond Butter, more PB instead.

Mrs. Cater's Potato Leak soup with a twist

The basic recipe came from my sister in laws mother in England. I've added 3 cheeses for added flavor. Very thick. Would even be good with 3 cups of stock instead of two.

Wendy's Hot Egg Wraps

Very hot egg wrap, just enough for a 15 minute break in the work day.

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